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    as i know YES you can cause Habib cfw is a higher version so no problem to update from cfw 4.46 to cfw 4.50

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    hello, since i install this i had problems to play games in v. 4.46, how can i fix it? and i don't understand many of things, so can u tell me what for is the Toggle qa?

    thanks a lot

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    Just make sure you have toggled QA on cfw 3.55 so you have dehashed your PS3 and so you're save to downgrade on any CFW later on. And make sure you have on your ps3 the latest version of multiman. Which now is for CFW 4.50 the Mm 4.50.02

    Then you probably don't have any problems anymore.

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    I have a Problem , yesterday I update my PS3 to 4.50 FW, today I will install the 4.50CFW , but at 71% there came a Error Message : 8002F957 File is defect. Please help me

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    sorry m8 Bad luck ! You need to downgrade your system if you can !

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    Your PS3 is bricked, dont install cfw on ofw. only cfw to cfw but now is to late your ps3 is bricked.

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    That's a falsification. If it were bricked nothing would happen when he powered on his system. It's not even a softbrick because his system can most likely still boot into the last CFW. My assumption is that he's either trying to install this on top of a OFW higher than 3.55.

    If he's not, my words of advice are to make sure that there's NO PLAYSTATION 3 GAME in the bluray drive. It matters. And then to try other USB ports. If that fails, then download the CFW from another source.

    Sometimes downloads fail at like the LAST second but appear to be the full size and can cause issues.

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    May I downgrade my PS3 to 4.50?

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    While I was installing Habib 4.50 from Rogero 4.46 I get "corrupted data" but system did not brick, just exited to xmb. Any thoughts?

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    The highest hackable ps3 ofw or cfw is 3.55 when you can downgarde then downgarde to 3.55 with a flasher but its not easy to downgarde.

    do you have any spoofer for 4.50 installed? you must deinstall this spoofer

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