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Thread: Habib CEX 4.50 PS3 CFW Custom Firmware is Now Available

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    The5Venomz Guest
    Whats the easiest way to install this over the latest Rogerio?

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    bitsbubba Guest
    through the XMB from a USB stick would be the easiest way

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    The5Venomz Guest
    Thanks... Just did it with no issues so far.

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    bitsbubba Guest

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    kabiri105 Guest
    i suggest use rebug instead of rogero i think that is safer than rogero

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    spartanwarrior Guest
    hello, updated to OFW 4.50 then tried installing HABIB CFW 4.50 once installing gets error at 70% ?? not sure the cause.. thanks

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    maly70 Guest
    You screwed your ps3 jailbreak, you need to downgrade your ps3 (if it was jailbroken) to 3.5.5 ofw then rejailbreak it again and then install Habib cfw 4.50.

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    drphuz Guest

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    raffaelleduc Guest
    I had a problem with Habib 4.50 V1.0. This no load more my games. I put the game in multiman (04.50.00 and 04.50.01), but when goes to XMB, the my game dont load, continue the original game in ps3.. Only load the game with app "load last game".

    Can i back to habib 4.46 without a flasher, only with CFW and without risk of brick my ps3?

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    almofadinha Guest
    I'll wait cfw Rogero... I had no problems with it.

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