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    sohail579 Guest
    how can i go from PS3 ErmaC 4.30 CFW to this and is this a better option than Rogero?

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    vnguyen972 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by t3nk3n View Post
    Just flashed my CECH2001A coming from HABIB 4.46 v2.05. All the PSN game seems to work fine. Just have wait for backup manager that will work.
    So multiMan doesn't work with this?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by DanMiranda View Post
    Multiman update please Deank
    He has now, multiMAN v04.50.00 BASE (20131003) is available here which supports PS3 CFW 4.50: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...tml#post463708

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    seeman Guest
    anybody knows how to use mfw to build a cfw?

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    vnguyen972 Guest
    Thanks... so I made a mistake of removing the previous Multiman and tried to install the 4.50 base, turns out I couldn't get it installed properly... it keeps saying my installation was incomplete, try Base or Full version... any ideas?

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    t3nk3n Guest
    Used multiMAN ver 04.50.00 BASE (20131003) it seems to work great. Just have remember to enable BD emulator.

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    vnguyen972 Guest
    I did it! I found an old BASE package 4.46.01 BASE and installed that, then install this 04.50 BASE on top of it.. and it works!!!

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    jackieboy8 Guest
    This time no version with Enabled Update script for BD BT Firmware? Like I had on Rogero 4.46 1.01?

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    t3nk3n Guest

    MultiMAN 04.50.00 FULL repacked by StevenTJ

    Found multiMAN 04.50.00 FULL repacked by StevenTJ

    • Added support for 4.50CFW
    • Disc-less mode: Icon changed from BD disc to "folder icon"

    Download: multiMAN_04.50.00_FULL_RepackedStevenTj.pkg (157.44 MB) / multiMAN_04.50.00_FULL_RepackedStevenTj.pkg (Mirror)

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    StevenTj Guest
    Basically, if you install 04.46.0x BASE/FULL. Then overwrite with 04.50.00 BASE/FULL it will be fine.. on mM 04.50.00 early release, Deank forgot to put mM theme, that is way you found an error.

    Not a big deal.

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