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    I updated the main article with Habib Cobra 4.55 v1.02A and v1.02B now as well for those following.

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    I know this is subjective but Habib Cobra 4.55 v1.02A and v1.02B or Rogero_CEX_4.55_v1.00b?

    Could someone tell me the pros/cons over the other please.

    *also my ps3 is a slim so its not BC or even semi (whatever that means) BC

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    I have updated the main article with Habib v1.03 CFW now as well.

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    hi ... wanted to ask... if i upgrade to habib 4.50.. do i need to update from HABIB_CEX-4.50_V1.00.PUP to HABIB 4.50 V1.02.PUP then to HABIB 4.50 V1.03.PUP or i can just skip from the first and update direct to HABIB 4.50 V1.03.PUP.... if i still need HABIB_CEX-4.50_V1.00.PUP ... can someone please upload new link to it... cause the first page link to HABIB_CEX-4.50_V1.00.PUP are all dead...

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    Hi, i used this and i think it may have bricked my ps3. After restart my ps3 turns on normally but i get no signal and my controller lights flash for 6 seconds then stop. Any chance of recovery ?

    Edit: Was lucky enough to get into recovery menu thankfully, Reinstalling cfw from usb if thats no good ill try other options from the menu
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    I have a console on 3.15 ofw. Can i just install this through XMB and what is QA and do i need to worry about it. Thanks in advance!

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    any cfw version can be installed or just 4.50 and higher?

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    Any 4.50 or higher can be installed. Again like other post you made, use the downgrader pup first, then change CFW

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    Wink Habib Cobra 4.55 v1.03 Bluray ISO load but no bd icon

    Help I'm very puzzled. I know how this work when I'm at Rogero 4.46 w Cobra 7.0 mixed. Now that I'm Habib Cobra 4.55 v1.03 no matter how I try it doesn't seems to work.

    ntfs hdd/BDISO/Movie.iso
    Loads w/ multiman or with Simple NTFS ISO Mounter

    It loads back to XMB, no disc icon for the mounted iso movie.


    heheh I'm desperate.

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    does this work in a ps3 super slim 4.65 ofw?


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