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    My console AND account got banned because I went online with it. I did NOT play games online, just was on PSN with a CFW console and they banned me.

    So if you want to risk going online to play backups its always your own risk. They will ban you for the smallest thing. As I said I did nothing just have CFW installed and got banned.

    It was 3.55CFW that I had installed. The one that if you flashed OFW3.55 there was no proof a CFW was installed at all and they banned me.

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    Upgraded to 4.53, PS3 possibly bricked help?

    Hello everyone,

    I updated my ps3 with HABIB's 4.53 CEX CFW update and my PS3 failed to update. Now it reboots every time into safe mode, and i have tried updating with any other CFW update, but it wont work.

    Any suggestions on what to do? And how do i get my PS3 back into "normal" again?

    Help will be very appreciated

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    M8 just 2 posts lower is nearly same thing , why ppl go to 4.53 its pointless and bricks building up , try other 4.53 cfw , try rebuilt database , if console is NOR try swap hdd , otherwise is hardware flasher.

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    Sorry, i searched and couldn't find the post

    How do i rebuild the database, and if it comes to swapping hdd - how do i do that and how can i see if it's NOR?

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    first i think you should click restore default while in safe mode then reboot then click restore ps3 then use a downgrader pup file or a 4.53 cfw like mine or stevens or someones

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    Is your ps3 a phat or slim? Slim = NOR

    The hard drive is held in by one blue screw on the slim. You need to first lift the small square covering on the bottom of your unit and then you will see it. Once you have removed that screw the front faceplate where the hard drive is slides out to the right.

    Below is a video explaining the process:

    Hope it helps and good luck

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    metzen you are right and bit wrong , fat models have been NOR as well in fact all models from CECHHxx onwards are NOR

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    can anyone please upload the pup?

    i cant unzip on this pc.

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    i'll try it

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    PS2 Games on Non-BC PS3 Consoles via Cobra 4.53 CFW by Habib Out

    Following up on his previous release, PlayStation 3 developer Habib has now made available a PS2 SELF for running PlayStation 2 games on non-BC (non-backwards compatible) PS3 consoles via Cobra 4.53 CFW with details below.

    Download: / (Mirror) / (Mirror #2)

    To quote: HEY GUYS! I managed to run ps2 iso on non-bc ps3.

    I didn't include this in my cfw because it gives you controller synch issue if controller not connected through usb cable.

    Savedata, iso running etc are cool

    How to install:

    1. Go to mmos and click on the zip provided up
    2. It will ask you to install, say yes


    1. Fixed header
    2. Made zip for user easiness

    PS2 Games on Non-BC PS3 Consoles via Cobra 4.53 CFW by Habib Out

    PS2 Games on Non-BC PS3 Consoles via Cobra 4.53 CFW by Habib Out

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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