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Thread: Habib CEX 4.50 PS3 CFW Custom Firmware is Now Available

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    kalberto Guest
    I agree with you, Habib never test his own creation of CFW !! not mention he forgot to include VSH, also he was claims his own anti-protection, we never knew, if it was the right hex code for anti protection.

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    Brenza Guest
    I think rebug team is the only one who deserve trust. The source code of ps3 now is obfuscated since 3.6x, it means we have to reverse the whole code everytime a new firmware get released even just to check if something has changed.

    If you don't analyze the code you simply can't check if (better say where) sony added new anti-piracy protections and this'll lead to bricks, not recognised hdd, bans...

    Just to be clear this is a work that require MONTHS so if someone comes out with a cfw just a few day after the official release DO NOT TRUST HIM.

    PS: sorry my bad english

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    solidtudor Guest
    Does not work with SEN enabler 4.53

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    chrykel Guest
    If I'm on ofw 450 will this cfw work?

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    akimazaki Guest
    Nope... you must in cfw to use that... if ofw need to downgrade first to 3.55

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    reignbravehart Guest


    Note To HABIB: If you want to release any of your work to the community (By your own intentions) and you want to be respected by the community, for hell sake why even added your so called "OWN SIGNATURE"...??? believe me "IT DON'T MATTER!"

    No one is forcing you to release your work, even if it's not from you there's always someone in these huge community that's gonna release CFW that's not adding their signature bs...

    and i think you won't even be here in the first place if not because of all those great ppl behind this community WHO'S NOT adding their signature but get respected by the community... (guess you know who are they).

    geez!... so many ppl want to be recognize but in the end they just not worth to be recognize.

    last but not least... HABIB if you're still adding signature bs just get off and do something else, don't care... there's always somebody else better than you.

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    farbelo Guest
    Hi! i have a ps3 some are 4.53. OFW. i need install package and iDK wich one i need to get Install package. It is DB OFW jailbrake or HABIB version? if it any HABIB so plzz tell me wich one version. Tell me wich one i get install package.

    i gonna film and name of video gonna be (THX) video.

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    haze67 Guest
    nothing wrong with the guy adding this, too many lamers c/p and claiming "own" work

    the cfw isn't behaving any diff with the added sig in lv0, all these people releasing cfw's should at least be capable of patching the files manually

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    Apr 2005
    I updated the main article with Habib 4.53 CEX: Cobra Edition v1.00, v1.01, v1.02 and v1.03 as well now for those following.

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    smhabib Guest
    i'm not saying anyone to give me repu. 'im not saying that use my cfw. i'm not saying that there weren't great people behind. if you don't like it pls don't use it. the work i've done for me, i'm just sharing to my cfw lovers. also that signature which by you is so called "bs" does not affect your ps3

    pls don't say something you dont know. ldrs contains keys. and the KEYS ARE OBFUSCATED WHICH ARE SAME FROM 4.21+ AND THE ALGO HAVE BEEN RELEASED TO DO ITS WORK!!

    if ldrs get changed you can compare the old instructions or opcode and locate them and patch them...

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