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  1. #101
    drphuz Guest
    Whats the point if you can't play backups or use homebrew? There has to be more to it than that? Good try though, bully for you man. bully.

  2. #102
    Brenza Guest
    The point is you just can't play any backup online. If you try you gen banned, if you get banned you're out.

    Nothing more than that.

  3. #103
    HXiaonrowas Guest
    its a lot of work dude, i want something simple please. nice work tho!!!

  4. #104
    easy2boy Guest
    i have the same issue in 1st i used rebug rex and had this blue disk and now i'm using habib but without this blue disc only appear when i insert any cd into the blu-ray

  5. #105
    ahmadothman4 Guest

  6. #106
    Brenza Guest
    Are you kidding? o.O

  7. #107
    sexxxycat Guest
    hello, i have been searching for the last week and finally ended up here, my problem is that i'm a complete noob at jailbreaking playstations. i have firmware 4.46 and my PS3 is a CEC HK01. any help would be huuuuuugely appreciated. i'll give you a huuuge hug

  8. #108
    iflayev Guest
    you cannot jailbreak it by installing any program. But your ps3 can be jailbroken, it is possible by a flasher. I think you cannot do yourself, someone professional should help you to downgrade.

  9. #109
    sohail579 Guest

    Online with Habib 4.50


    Im currently on Habib CFW 4.50 and i was wondering if there was a way i could bypass PSN and log on to another network (if there is any)?

    any chance somone can point me in the right direction?


  10. #110
    zelft Guest
    Hi, I have my ps3 with ofw 4.50 and I am trying to install cfw 4.50 but when the installation is at 73 percent it says that the data is corrupted (8002F957). What should i do?

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