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    Convoy8X Guest
    4.46.3 SGK reported BRICK... Very Bad.

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    pimix2009 Guest

    Question PS3 change IDPS or PSID on Rebug

    There a few apps other to change you console ID and I was just wondering since I have rebug... There is an option to change IDPS in rebug toolbox, is this the same with ChangePSID by TeamSGK ?

    I've yet to use any of this stuff but i just wanna sync my trophies from the console to my psn account. SO this the rebug change IDPS work or do i need a different app/apk to change the ID.

    Is this the same as the one in rebug tool box ?

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    StevenTj Guest

    Team SGK CFW 4.46.3 v2 CEDEX SW (4.46 CEX / 4.41 DEX) is Out

    Following up on their previous release and ChangePSID application, today Team SGK is back with a v2 fix for their PS3 CFW 4.46.3 CEDEX SW (4.46 CEX / 4.41 DEX) with details below.

    Download: PS3UPDATCeDeX-4.46.3v2-SW-CEX-DEX-4.41-spoof_4.46.PUP / Iris Manager by Evilnat / Iris Manager (Source Code)

    CFW CDEX-4.46.3-SW-v2 MD5 Hash: 5596adba593d1647f7b4c177383288da

    To quote, roughly translated: Cex 4.46 to 4.41 dex - I even SGK has worked hard in recent days to lay a CFW 4.46 Cedex.

    The main functions of this new cfw:
    • installable ofw or cfw 3.55 4.21 4.30 4.31 4.40 4.41 and all CFW SGK
    • v2 Fixed BSOD (by Habib Very Thanks to you)
    • Add checker
    • Patch peek and poke usual
    • File 2 LV2 (CEX4.41/DEX4.41) (swap lv2 via toolbox) (Exchange your core EID0 and swap LV2 CEX4.41 / DEX 4.41)
    • All options CEX mode (retail) are available
    • All options are available in Debug DEX
    • Toolbox Rebug (thanks team Rebug)
    • Lv2 kernel swap or cex dex

    EID-rewrite (for which we Seux of eid cex to dex for Rebug 4.30 rex function it perfectly)
    • Compatible ProDG manager (CEX / DEX)
    • Package manager
    • Patch Cinavia
    • Patch ReActPSN
    • Patch VSH - Let act.dat and rif files unsigned.
    • Patch VSH - Dissociation Disable / Remove act.dat
    • Real time FUNCTIONAL (DEX) works on 4.41 dex with the original br player
    • Patch LV1: undocumented feature 114 (Allow mapping of protected memory)
    • Compatible QA Flag
    • PatchLV1 - Disable checking system integrity (Safe to use with incompatible versions of CoreOS / SYSCON or the PS3 QA Flag is not enabled)

    • Patch LV1 - Pass all LCD controls necessary to enable start OtherOS

    This little gem is right here in this is some words!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    predprey Guest
    no, rebug toolbox is another app by itself. this is not fully compatible with rebug and you need to set the rebug mode to normal before using it or risk installing over the firmware again (data probably not loss but just troublesome)

  5. #75
    pimix2009 Guest

    Question Psid

    Since rebug has been stable with their stuff is that mean their PSID change works better ?

  6. #76
    echoes4ever Guest
    I'm with a fat 40gb Rsod ofw 4.41. Is it possible to use this sgk 4.46.3 v2 to install over it ?!

  7. #77
    Muradin001 Guest
    guys if a have a ps3 with 4.46 how can i do the jailbreak or downgrade to 3.55?

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    chris8989 Guest

    Post DvLzTeam 4.46 CFW v2.00 and DvLzTeaM 4.41 ver 1.00 Arrives

    Below are DvLzTeam 4.46 CFW v2.00 and DvLzTeaM 4.41 ver 1.00 with details as follows:

    4.46CFW Last Version

    After working for many days for the convenience of the user this CFW give you good rate stability.


    1. You CAN install CFW even if Bluetooth or Bule-ray Drive Broken
    2. You Can Instaill CFW form XMB
    3. Patched LV1 to disable LV2 Security
    4. Patched LV1 to add poke support
    5. Patched LV2 to add peek support
    6. Increased protection from BREAK because Patched LV1 Core OS
    7. QA Flag enabled
    8. PSN access is available
    9. Run any game that requires 4.46 or less
    10. Don't fix the RSOD but allows the PS3 to boot fine into XMB
    11. You Can Use CFW With Downgrading Operations By Using PS3 Flash Auto Patcher v4.46
    12. (All programs Work on CFW (in case one does not work program the team will make a private copy of program supports DvLz CFW

    Download: DvLzTeam-4.46 CFW v2.00.rar

    DvLzTeaM 4.41 ver 1.00

    Welcome everyone: DvLz team is pleased to provide its own CFW which will save you a great stabilizing...


    1. You can install the The DvLzTeam CFW even if BluRay Drive or Bluetooth board.
    2. Patched LV1 to disable LV2 Protection.
    3. Patched LV1 to add peek/poke support.
    4. Patched LV1 Core OS Hash Check
    5. Patched LV2 to add peek/poke support.
    6. QA Flag enabled.
    7. Does not solve the problem of red screen only allows you to take off normally in xmb.
    8. CFW is installed by xmb is no problem...
    9. Can run any game that requires 4.41 or less.
    10. The CFW can be used directly for Downgrading with Hardware flashers using the new tool PS3 Nor and Nand Auto Patcher v0.05
    11. PSN access is available but with SPOOF.
    12. You can use cfw to downgrade by using PS3 Flash Auto Patcher v4.4

    You can install CFW if you have one of the following updates:

    1 - A device on the OFW 3.55
    2 - A device on CFW 3.55
    3 - A CFW 4.21
    4 - A device on CFW 4.30
    5 - A device on CFW 4.40
    6 - A device on CFW 4.41

    Before update:

    1 - Prefer to take out the disk inside the device before the update work
    2- You must uninstall SPOOF

    Download: DvLzTeaM-4.41ver1.00.rar / DvLzTeaM-4.41ver1.00.rar

    In The END: It was the experience of CFW on more than one device and did not face any problem but you have to follow the instructions in order to avoid any problem occurs. We will answer all the questions you ask. Goodbye

    Source: facebook.com/dvlzteam

  9. #79
    alpine2934 Guest
    thanks for the update

  10. #80
    Ulriksen Guest


    Is this verified by any? My PS3 Slim just got bricked by this rls.

    The 4.46 version linked to and posted will brick your device. Luckily I can restore the bios and firmware trough hardware. Others may not be so lucky.

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