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    StevenTj Guest

    Habib CEX 4.46 v2.05 PS3 CFW Custom Firmware is Now Available

    Following up on his previous release, today PlayStation 3 developer Habib (aka smhabib) has updated his HABIB CEX 4.46 PS3 CFW to version 2.05 with the changes below.

    Download: HABIB CEX 4.46 V2.05 / HABIB CEX 4.46 V2.05 (Mirror)

    HABIB CEX-4.46 V2.05 MD5: FA8D000B50D602396DD936C602E32E06
    Size: 193.8 MB

    To quote: Changelog of v2.05:
    • Cinavia Fix


    1. Made out of 4.46 ofw
    2. Have install package files and app_home
    3. Have reactpsn compatibility
    4. Patched lv0 to disable coreos ecdsa check
    5. Patched lv2 to add peek/poke supoort
    6. Patched lv1 to disable lv2 protection
    7. Patched lv1 to add peek/ poke support
    8. It can run games signed with keys upto 4.46
    9. Can be updated over any cfw.
    10. Can be updated over 3.55 ofw
    11. Added no bt/bd patches
    12. RSOD bypass
    13. ReActPSN offline patch added
    14. Better system stability
    15. PSP remaster support added
    16. QA flag enabled by default if ps3 was qa on 3.55
    17. Cinavia protection removed (proper fix dex 4.46)
    18. Fixed bugs which make their console shutdown when played for a long time on 2.00, fixed on 2.01
    19. OtherOS added

    Major Thanks:

    1. gDrive for mirrors and repacking help in an old thread (hint rogero 4.30 v2.03 with old 3.41/3.55 ipf)
    2. Anonymous person that helped me patching lv0 loaders and fixing psp support (upl.xml format change) (you know who you are)
    3. Failoverfl0w
    4. Naehrwert for scetool
    5. To this site to post and test my CFW

    Finally, in related PS3 CFW news today Arabic user Kaito Kid (via king4news.net/vb/playstation-general/50205.htm) has released what he calls Kaito Kid CFW v1.00 with details below.

    Download: Kaito Kid 1.00.rar / Kaito Kid 1.00.rar (Mirror) / Kaito Kid 1.00.rar (Mirror #2)

    MD5 Hash: 74d0b7d4bc17a46eff13539ddc166ca0

    To quote, roughly translated: This CFW is a combination of Habib CFW and Rogero CFW released on 7/21/2013. Yes it released 3 weeks ago but I would like to share it with you.

    Features of Kaito Kid CFW 4.46 v1.00:

    1- Doesn't hangs or crash and that's was a issue with Habib CFW (old version of (Habib CFW)
    2- Doesn't have any issues with multiman and that's was a problem with Rogero CFW
    3- Can be install on 3.55 OFW and any 3.55/4.21/4.30/4.31/4.40/4.41/4.46 CFW
    4- QA Flag enabled by default
    5- Can be installed on any PS3 with broken bluray drive/Bluetooth
    6- some other features of Habib and Rogero CFW's

    Special thanks to:

    Habib because Kaito Kid CFW built on Habib CFW with some Rogero CFW files
    Zecoxao for help with lv0
    Marwanx and Golden Nasr for testing the CFW
    And King4News members for their patience

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    kublai Guest
    Glad to see another good cfw, thanks

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    emulation Guest
    only cinavia protection for ripped files... is good to clarify that point.

  4. #64
    windrider42 Guest
    True a lot realize that I think, but some people don't realize it, because it's not disabled for BR/AVCHD playback. You do first have to rip it, then fix it on your pc, and copy it back or however you want too play it.

  5. #65
    Compclubz Guest


    New doublechecked share-online mirror, the older one FILE md5 doesn't match. Habib informed me about that. Sorry guys

    But I checked the former upload on my local pc, the md5 was fine

    I don't know what's happened... HABIB CEX-4.46 V2.05 Mirror

    HABIB CEX-4.46 V2.05 Mirror

    Please delete the former mirror and put this one in, thx

  6. #66
    StevenTj Guest

    Video: Team SGK CFW 4.46.3 CEDEX SW (4.46 CEX / 4.41 DEX) Out

    Following up on their previous releases, today Team SGK have released PS3 CFW 4.46.3 CEDEX SW (4.46 CEX / 4.41 DEX) with the changes outlined below.

    Download: CFW CdEX-4.46.3-SW / PS3UPDATCeDeX-4.46.3-SW-CEX-DEX-4.41-spoof_4.46.PUP (Mirror) / EVIPS3-IMANAGER4_00-00PKG0BY0EVILNAT2.pkg / irismanager-4-x-master_LAST.rar (Source Code)

    MD5 Hash: e540a0ab36997367b5d6900aa49ce273

    To quote, roughly translated: So it's premiere that I announce the arrival of CFW 4.46.3 Cedex SW TEAMSGK, Cfw 4.46 CEX with eid and SWAP Rewrite option for LV2 Spent DEX 4.41 PATCH PEEK and POK.

    (CEX is firmware with which you spent / tilted DEX 4.41)
    • Cex 4.46 to 4.41 dex

    I even SGK has worked hard in recent days to lay a CFW 4.46 Cedex

    The main functions of this new cfw:
    • Installable ofw or cfw 3.55 4.21 4.30 4.31 4.40 4.41 and all CFW SGK
    • Add checker
    • Patch peek and poke usual
    • File 2 LV2 (CEX4.41/DEX4.41) (swap lv2 via toolbox) (Exchange your core EID0 and swap LV2 CEX4.41 / DEX 4.41)
    • All options CEX mode (retail) are available
    • All options are available in Debug DEX
    • Toolbox Rebug (thanks team Rebug)
    • Lv2 kernel swap or cex dex
    • EID-rewrite (for which we Seux of eid cex to dex for Rebug 4.30 rex fontione it perfectly)
    • Compatible ProDG manager (CEX / DEX)
    • Package manager
    • Patch Cinavia
    • Patch reactpsn
    • Patch VSH - Let act.dat and rif files unsigned.
    • Patch VSH - Dissociation Disable / Remove act.dat
    • Real time FUNCTIONAL (DEX) works on 4.41 dex with the original br player
    • Patch LV1: undocumented feature 114 (Allow mapping of protected memory)
    • Compatible QA Flag
    • PatchLV1 - Disable checking system integrity (Safe to use with incompatible versions of CoreOS / SYSCON or the PS3 QA Flag is not enabled)
    • OtherOS ++
    • Patch LV1 - Pass all LCD controls necessary to enable start OtherOS

    This little gem is right here in this is some words!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

  7. #67
    420MOB Guest
    i'm a noob at this stuff my ps3 is running on 4.46 ofw do I need anything else to download this or multiman? i'm tryin to jailbreak my ps3 so I can mod gta 4 i'm tired of getting froze by modders like 10 times a day for no reason

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    ChangePSID by TeamSGK for PS3 CFW 4.46 CEX is Now Available

    Following up on numerous PSIDPatch revisions and their recent PS3 CFW 4.46.3 CEDEX release, Team SGK is back with a PlayStation 3 homebrew utility which allows users to change their PSID (console ID) on 4.46 CEX PS3 CFW.

    Download: ChangePSID-By-TeamSGK-NPEA90009_00-DBLASTFACT.rar

    To quote, roughly translated: ChangePSID for Cfw 4.46 Cex By TeamSGK!

    • Create a text file named psid.txt and / or consoleid.txt to the root of your USB device.
    • For PSID: Enter 32 hexadecimal characters in the file (eg 1234567890ABCDEFFEDCBA0987654321) for consoleid, 64 hex characters.
    • Install the package.
    • Start PSIDPatch.
    • Select USB with Up / Down.
    • Press X to patch.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

  9. #69
    windrider42 Guest
    Cool. Personally PSID patched for 4.40 worked fine for me on CFW 4.46. But I know others have had issues.

    Been a few bricks from SGK's latest releases.

  10. #70
    StevenTj Guest
    Yes. 4.46.3 SGK reported BRICK !!!

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