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    VIP Member windrider42's Avatar
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    I haven't tried any of them. I am happy enough yet on Rogero 4.41..

    I would think it should say 4.46.

    I am asking Habib right now what it should say.

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    just tried 1.13 now says 4.46

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    I have tested on many versions of the ps3 slim, 1.13 HABIB CFW is very good, and I try to install CFW 4.46 LDZ FERROX by ALEXANDER, if I run the game and get a home brew pause screen freezes and says update error, but no problem downgrade from CFW 4:46 - 3:55 in the CFW system recovery using REBUG_3.55.3_REX_PS3UPDAT.PUP made ​​it back to v.3.55 thank you.

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    latest rogero > 1.10 habib > 1.13 habib + latest multiman no game working... error 80028f14

    update : idk if its problem with mm or habib but just enable bdrom in mm settings, works.
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    That can happen when you run a version of Multiman that was not compatible with the firmware first. e.g CFW 4.46, multiman disables bdrom, so if you had then updated to the latest compatible Multiman, it would have still been disabled, thats when you re-enable it.
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    do you get banned from PSN? I got banned when update to Rogero CFW 4.46

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    I hope if you are using any CFW, do not do the game ONLINE possibilities for very large banned.

    If you want to remain ONLINE, use the latest OFW from SONY with the original game, and did not commit fraud is not modified.

    If you do use the CFW was to game reserves, as well as to have fun.

    Thank you ...

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    did not try to play online. just did a 1T hd upgrade and logging in and got a banned message

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    Guys any thing work in cech-3008b??? please help if some thing work that i have this from 2 years and i even not play a single game please help!!!

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    Does anyone know how to downgrade 4.46 CFW to 3.55 CFW. Or how to jailbreak on 4.46 CFW. thanks

    Is this a 4.46 Jailbreak? I downloaded this and its not popping up on my ps3, help plz.

    Is this a Red Screen Of Death Fix. how do you do it? please answer
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