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Thread: Habib CEX 4.46 v1.09 PS3 CFW Custom Firmware is Now Available

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    Habib CEX 4.46 v1.10 PS3 CFW Custom Firmware is Now Available

    Following up on his previous releases, today PlayStation 3 developer Habib (aka smhabib) has updated his HABIB CEX 4.46 PS3 CFW to version 1.10 followed by v1.13 with the changes below.

    Download: HABIB CEX-4.46 v1.10.PUP / HABIB CEX-4.46 v1.10.PUP (Mirror) / HABIB CEX-4.46 v1.10.PUP (Mirror #2) / HABIB CEX-4.46 v1.10.PUP (Mirror #3) / HABIB CEX-4.46 v1.10.PUP (Mirror #4) / HABIB CEX-4.46 v1.10.PUP (Mirror #5)

    MD5: 415E6BB48C4E7C007801D7F454151AE0
    Size: 203,290,801 bytes

    To quote: Habib CEX CFW 4.46 v1.10 Changes:
    • Better system stability
    • ReActPSN offline patch added

    Full Changelog / Features:

    1. Made out of 4.46 ofw
    2. Have install package files and app_home
    3. Have ReActPSN compatibility
    4. Patched lv0 to disable coreos ecdsa check
    5. Patched lv2 to add peek / poke supoort
    6. Patched lv1 to disable lv2 protection
    7. Patched lv1 to add peek / poke support
    8. It can run games signed with keys up to 4.46
    9. Can be updated over any cfw
    10. Can be updated over 3.55 ofw
    11. Added no bt/bd patches
    12. RSOD bypass
    13. ReActPSN offline patch added
    14. Better system stability

    v1.12 (Removed) MD5: 5840C2130DDA78A69EFAECEBA0CDC83D

    Habib CEX CFW 4.46 v1.13 Changes:

    1. Better system stability
    2. PSP remaster support

    HABIB_CEX-4.46_v1.13.PUP Download Mirrors:

    MD5: 204BA1EAC5976E2F0BDDF58317215E0A
    Size: 203,277,489 bytes

    Rogero RSOD DG PUP:
    HABIB DG PUP (Same as Rogero):

    [imglink=|Habib CEX 4.46 v1.10 PS3 CFW Custom Firmware is Now Available][/imglink]
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    hsmo0th Guest
    Hoping it works for me

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    niwakun Guest
    If you are still in 4.xx firmware, updating to latest is kinda useless if you want only backups on your PS3. The only thing you can get with this is:
    • No need eboot sdk version check patch (since you're on 4.46 so all games will run obviously without minor patching on eboot, which I found not that hard anyway)
    • PSN access with the new cert files (you can just wait for the rebug update, it should be coming soon anyway)
    • I'm not sure about the better system stability, were talking to Sony here. I'm sure 4.21 CFW had much more better system stability than any other CFW out there.
    • Anything features in this CFW is already available in other CFW, so no new about that.

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    systemdown Guest
    gives error installing Habib 4:46 CEX v1.10 PS3 CFW... what can I do??

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    windrider42 Guest
    Wait for his next release v1.12 I think.

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    amitsanghvi Guest
    i have got ps3 version 3.66. i want to downgrade it to 3.55. is it possible if yes then how?

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    JeoWay Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sliminho View Post
    always stuck in 70 % with corrupted file error, just updated to 4.46 frustrated with my 500 GB super slim help plz
    You can't jailbreak 3k models +

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    killer304 Guest
    got banned on PSN... PES 2013..

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    I have now updated the main article with version 1.13 and the changes for those following.

    Also, I have updated THIS post with RC1, RC2 and RC3 details for CFW 4.46 LDZ FERROX by ALEXANDER as well.

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    Sejuice Guest
    anyone try this?

    it still says 4.40 in settings menu

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