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    Apr 2005

    SGKMan 4.55 PS3 Backup Game Manager By Team SGK is Released

    Following up on their previous release, today Team SGK has made available SGKMan 4.55 - a PS3 Backup Game Manager by SGK with details below.

    Download: SGKman-4.55-NPEB01899.pkg / SGKman-4.55-NPEB01899.pkg / SGKman-4.55-NPEB01899.pkg / SGKMan_455.rar (SRC - Password: TeamSGK)

    To quote, roughly translated: Hi all voilla you my manager 4.55 by SGK based on the source of PS3ITA gamesonic iris aldostools Manager and a big thank you to the Team.

    TeamSGK Changelog:

    1. Update fan control 4.55
    2. Update payload for cfw 4.55
    3. Update changes consoleid 4.55
    4. Adding libfs 4.55 patched
    5. Adding explores plugin patched 4.55

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Einstein911 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Rozhgar View Post
    The Jailbreak works on 4.53 ?
    It is optimized for use on 4.55, not on 4.53.

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    mailly132 Guest

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    manhunt85 Guest
    One of the best CFWs out there, thanks

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    thevernoxius Guest
    I want a PS3 so bad

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    hoangnm Guest

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    ranchuelocuba Guest
    hi guys, just realize that if i'm not runnin 3.55 i wont be able to use cfw 4.65. on my ps3

    aahhh!!! ... i'm so stupiiidddd.. guys is there any way then so i can jailbreak my ps3? thank you very much

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    sentosa Guest
    thank you

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    cyberhead97 Guest

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    poison14987 Guest
    Hi Guys, it works with ps3 slim 4.65 1gb

    works it on ps3 update 4.65??? ore not by my friend goes but by my ps3 not

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