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    heykel92 Guest
    Good work, thanks

  2. #212
    zhoick Guest
    What is actually the iso.bin.enc? is it Tetris?

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    Gnome88 Guest
    Thanks for the release. What I would like to know is what would be a better manager (Using multiman at the mo) to use with this.

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    cairodubai Guest
    thanks for the updates

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    metallicad Guest
    thxxx... keep the spirit

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Habib 4.70 v1.03 Starbucks PS3 CFW with MultiMAN 04.70.00 Fix Released

    Following his previous update and the release of MultiMAN 04.70.00, today PlayStation 3 developer Habib (aka SMHabib) updated his PS3 CFW to Habib 4.70 v1.03 Starbucks which now includes a MultiMAN 04.70.00 fix with a demo video from hax0r and details below.

    Download: HABIB_4.70_1.03_STARBUCKS!!!.PUP (196.2 MB) / HABIB_4.70_1.03_STARBUCKS!!!.PUP (Mirror) / HABIB_4.70_1.03_STARBUCKS!!!.PUP (Mirror #2) / Make spoofs src for cobra 7.10 in Starbucks 1.03

    MD5: 953637211A4F00B1BF996E2ADF20B3C3


    1. fixed issue caused in latest multiman released yesterday

    How to use Syscall 10(lv2_lv1_call) Tutorial by Smhabib

    Well I see many people who dont even know what that syscall does

    Syscall 10: r3-r9 are the args for lv1 call and r10 the lv1 syscall number.

    It basically works like hvsc redirect, in my qa flag app, i used a dirty trick (as everyone does) to support for every firmware or just the single fw

    I see that rebug has never even done that as well, I was the first to use it in rebug toolbox for many things, including qa.

    This syscall helps because you dont need to mess up with other syscalls to support your hvsc redirect

    If you are reading this, i believe you know asm volatile and ppc asm. Here's a simple lv1 call being used with syscall 10:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    A simple syscall is done like this: r3-r10 arguments and r11 syscall number, this syscall takes one argument, lpar addr. r0 being the lpar_addr, you pass this with mr to r3(first argument) then directly passing the r10, last argument (lv1 cal number) and then call sc.

    Most modern cfw has this call (4.21++?) and I believe people can use this info to make sure lv2 is clean and better fw independancy.

    CFW on <4.45 for all PS3

    Might not work in 3.56++

    [5:47:42 AM] Habib: with the syscall exploit you got, you can probably poke in lv1
    [5:47:48 AM] Habib: might not work in 3.56++
    [5:48:15 AM] Habib: *(u64 * )(HV_BASE+addr)
    [5:48:30 AM] Habib: in short
    [5:48:43 AM] Habib: using lv2_poke
    [5:48:58 AM] Habib: lv2_poke(addr, hv_base+value);
    [5:49:23 AM] Habib: you guys can try that
    [5:49:58 AM] Habib: sony did fixed the regioning sht
    [5:50:12 AM] Habib: but it still might work, who knows....
    [5:52:39 AM] Habib: Request for Multiman to support DRL/CRL hash fix to restore Blu-ray Playback- From sumolx:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    [5:52:52 AM] Habib: deank attempts on 4.21, really old
    [5:53:01 AM] Habib: it does actually work on rex 4.21
    [5:53:07 AM] Habib: worth a try guys
    [5:53:20 AM] Habib: if it works, you have a cfw
    [5:54:00 AM] Habib: zec, you also used lv1 peek for different regions, for bootldr
    [5:54:12 AM] Habib: sony might not have fixed that sht just yet
    [5:54:31 AM] Habib: regioning may still be messed up
    [6:05:17 AM] Habib: lis r0, -0x8000
    sldi r0, r0, 32
    oris r0, r0, 0x1400
    stdx r4, r3, r0
    [6:05:33 AM] Habib: replace lv1_poke with this
    [6:07:43 AM] Habib: 3C 00 80 00 78 00 07 C6 64 00 14 00 7C 83 01 2A 4E 80 00 20
    [6:11:20 AM] Habib: I do assume the exploit of sc does allow writing in lv2 memory without a panic
    [6:12:02 AM] Habib: if you can tell that where it pokes and get control of it, you might use that with hv_base+addr

    As i said, im lazy.. if this works, cfw FOR ALL PS3S!!!!!!

    Exploit used: RSXploit by Hykem the Demon

    More PlayStation 3 News...

  7. #217
    cookieboy Guest
    keep up the good work

  8. #218
    topantita Guest
    great update... thanks Habib!

  9. #219
    jeezz Guest
    Thanks a lot man

  10. #220
    infinitykolkata Guest
    very nice and stable cfw with psx games support.

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