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    nopkung Guest
    Thank you Habib!!!

  2. #202
    masterandi08 Guest
    back to upgrade now.. installing... INSTALL COMPLETE

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Video: PS2 ISO Launcher 1.02 for Habib Cobra 4.70 v1.02 PS3 CFW Out

    Following his previous updates, this weekend PlayStation 3 developer Habib released PS2 ISO Launcher 1.02 for Habib Cobra 4.70 v1.02 PS3 CFW followed by v1.03 with a demo video from hax0r below.

    Download: ISO_LAUNCHER_1.02.pkg (51.9 MB) / ISO_LAUNCHER_1.02_AIO.zip (52.2 MB - Updated) / ISO_LAUNCHER_1.02_AIO.rar (Mirror) / ISO_LAUNCHER_1.03_AIO.zip (18.1 MB) / ISO_LAUNCHER_1.03_AIO.zip (Mirror)

    From Smhabib: Here (linked above) we have it! Finally a user friendly PS2 iso launcher and CFW.


    1. Activate ps2 classic placeholder through psnpatch or reactpsn and install this pkg
    2. Run it and maintain sync
    3. Now onwards when you mount iso, run the placeholder icon and iso will be loaded

    This PKG includes pre-added memory cards as well so, are we done?

    P.S: I prefer original pic of this pkg to eliminate rap and the name confusion, if any.

    Supported CFW:

    1. Habib 4.70 cobra 7.10 v1.02
    2. (theoretical compatibility) Rebug 4.70.1 with cobra on joonies github (compilation required) (CEX only-dex requires a patch)

    It's working, i tested it

    From Mention: working perfectly on Rebug 4.70.1 CEX


    From the video's caption: Extract this (linked above) on your usb.

    From jjkkyu: I just tested, working fine. And I think this should be renamed to PS2ISO Launcher, no more a placeholder.

    Finally managed to get tetris working.

    Download: ISO.BIN.ENC

    From Orion comes the first release of a Stage2.cex Installer who states: This is a simple application made in 10 minutes that allows the simple operation of copying the new stage2.cex made by the developer Deank for CFW 4.70 HABIB Cobra 1.2 simply starting the application, very useful for novice users.

    Download: hinstaller.rar

    UPDATE 1.03:

    1. small size
    2. legal homebrew game

    Extract this (linked above) on your usb.

    Finally we have passed through ps2 iso difficulties after 4.46 cobra. This is for NON-BC ps3s which suffers from no wireless sync when iso launched from disc icon.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Terron44 Guest
    still having problems with playing some other ps2 games, idk if anybody is familiar with onimusha but it seems i can only get the first one to work the others 2- dawn of dreams is killing me.

    i think the blue disc has something to do with it. i'm not sure its just a thought.

  5. #205
    hasancan Guest
    Thanks for all your work!

  6. #206
    princeofpersi Guest
    hi Smhabib very thanks.

    i cant download this server (mega.co.nz)

    please upload in other server, for example mediafire

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by princeofpersi View Post
    i cant download this server (mega.co.nz)

    please upload in other server, for example mediafire
    I added a mirror to the main article now for the latest version.

  8. #208
    tralalatralala Guest
    thanks you, hope work on my CFW, i will test.

  9. #209
    alexmc1990 Guest
    I love being able to play all my favorite ps2 games without the bad pc emulator. Keep up the good work.

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    hiro123hiro456 Guest
    Thank you ! Good work.

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