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Thread: Habib 4.60 v1.00 PS3 CFW, Patcher v1.00 & Iris Manager v2.93 Out

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    killahbeatz Guest
    Yes ERROR 80010038 is for the BD Drive but I'm also get this error will on Habib 4.60. I went back to 4.55 and no error. something is not right and it ain't my BD Drive

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    m461k Guest
    I am stuck with Habib's 4.60

    I can't downgrade to rebug by cobra (8002F169) or downgrade through rogero (despite md5 is good, it says that data is corrupted).

    What to do? Any help appreciated.

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    Advokaat Guest
    Follow my instructions I had the same problem and are solved

    1 - Downgrade with Habib Downgrader 9.99
    2 - Format HDD from settings menu (xmb)
    3 - Install toggle_qa.pkg
    4 - Run toggle_qa.pkg (ps3 will restart and makes 2 bips sound)
    5 - Install 3.55 OFW (official firmware) from recovery menu
    6 - Install ANY CFW !! You choose, ANY!!

    This is answer for the users can't downgrade and get error of data is corrupted!

    Use this ONLY if you have flashed your (dump) bios memory. NO for Official Firmware installed on console!! TESTED BY ME.

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    recluSed Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by blade1 View Post
    is there any way to downgrade habib cfw 4.60 to 3.55 cfw ?
    This is what I want to know. I feel like this firmware is incredibly unstable and I cannot start hardly any games.

    I want to back to 3.55 see if QA has been properly set, etc. And maybe just stick with 4.55 for now.

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    Advokaat Guest
    I recommend CFW 4.55 Habib V.3.0

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    m461k Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Advokaat View Post
    Follow my instructions I had the same problem and are solved

    1 - Downgrade with Habib Downgrader 9.99
    TY, but it downgrade it to which fw version? no problem with inserting pkg on pendrive?

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    Advokaat Guest
    You need have cfw 4.60 for use downgrader.pkg in pendrive. Because need option "install package files" in XMB.

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    m461k Guest
    Did it, also Rebug 4.46.1 REX (Cobra 7 Patched) is working more or less on CECHL04.

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    JuggaloIce Guest
    Hi I'm looking for cfw over a month now and hope i find it here!

    If i install that to my ps3 super slim 4.60 can it run downloaded games! and is it safe to install (ofc disable network on ps3)

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    annontoyologame Guest

    Need Help With Multiman on Habib 4.60

    Hello everyone, I am new to this website and wish someone could help me. I just updated my 120 GB CCECH-2001A PS3 to Habib 4.60 CEX CFW. I need help finding which multiMAN would work on that CFW.

    For example : I know multiMAN 4.20 works on CFW : 4.30 and 4.31 and multiMAN 4.55 works on CFW 4.55.

    I want to know which multiMAN will work on CFW Habib 4.60 CEX. Is it 4.55 or 4.46 ? I dont know.

    If someone would be able to help me it would be soo appreciated.

    Thank You

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