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Thread: Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV) Modifications for PS3 CFW Arrive

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    Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV) Modifications for PS3 CFW Arrive

    Following suit with the previous Mortal Kombat PS3 mods, today EvilB and nativesith have made available some Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV) modifications for PS3 CFW users.

    Download: Grand Theft Auto IV PS3 Mod (NewestISH) / Grand Theft Auto IV PS3 Mod (EvilB's Airport) (use the queens_e.img)

    To quote: Found the source of many problems with Ps3 GTA IV mods. Problems like freezing on the Dardan mission, and even the X and Dwanye selection(even more problems..). IDE or Item Definitions Entries. The vehicle.ide, ped.ide and any ide of the common.rpf can not be changed.

    An update of the 8th release with a new importing (EFLC to IV). The last import job caused problems with the skylift and buzzard. Evil B showed up outta nowhere with mods that are unlike anyone else's (like the no cops at airport and the 360 port of casino's car placement at the airport).

    jdmalex played around with the script on the 8th making a few improvement on that. I did the first playerped modding with the Niko/Luis and Niko/Johnny. Lets not forget the first EFLC mod with ICe La GLACE's (another friend of mine) Ice 1.2. Any texture modding done now can not be done without Dageron's Console Texture Editor who is a friend of Pavel. He is the man!

    What's Included in NewestISH:
    • New Loading Sexy Screens
    • Pause Menu with Old English Font
    • New HUD
    • Exotic Cars and Bikes Take No Damage
    • Screen goes Red and Black when Niko Dies.
    • Many PC textures imported to Ps3!
    • Reality IV Visual PC Mod
    • Niko has new Clothes & Beard!!
    • Highlighted Weapon Icons
    • In Car as one of Camera modes
    • No Cops at Airport (EvilB's)
    • No Non-Colored Radio Icons
    • My Handling Settings
    • Latest Importing W/ No Helis or Boats!
    • BloodyFX!!
    • Colored Blips!
    • This mod will not freeze at Dardan Mission , Please let me know if it freezes on you.
    • Meant to be used with Evil B's qeens_e.img (The Evil Blunt Airport!)

    Installation Instructions:
    • Common and Ps3.rpf go in BLUS30127/Ps3_Game/USRDIR/
    • Vehicle and weapon.img go in BLUS30127/PS3_Game/USRDIR/ps3/models/cdimages

    NewestISH vII: This is just like the NewestISH!!! w/ 2 major differences:

    1) New loading screens that have artwork and no hot girls.
    2) Niko w/ no facial hair!

    This is for those who want the NewestISH minus the hotness x2!! This will not work with a complete anything! Put the ps3.rpf in BLUS30127/PS3_GAME/USRDIR

    Day two of the NewestISH will include my BIK videos. They are BEP Rock your Body and a New Looney Tunes entitled "Off Duty Cop". Whenever Niko wants he can watch some updated TV!

    From nativesith: Yawn, good morning everyone and good day to all. Thanks Evil, JDMalex and Pavel, thanks for all your help. Noticed some have a problem with the cool n sexy loading screens lol really.

    Not just here, NewestISH threads are popping up all over. If one was a follower of mine one would've noticed my whole theme of Cool N Sexy even before the NewestISH was released. I also did not make the photos or take the pics (wish I did though mmm lol), most of the pics are a PC port. Perhaps one of the others could make a more GTA IV friendly (lol) verison for "all the lil girlie men" (my Arnold impression").

    Day 2 of The NewestISH will feature BIK videos. Blacked Eyed Peas "Rock your Body" and a New Looney Tunes episode entitled "Off Duty Cop". Now Niko can watch some real TV lol. I will post with instructions in a bit.

    CNT nativesiths's NewestISH.

    • Replace the files in BLUS30127/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/ps3/movies
    • Now Niko can watch some updated TV and this will save a lil bit of space.

    Finally, from EvilB: Hello here it is all EFLC cars, bikes, boats and heli's are added none have been replaced or model swapped.

    EFLC Vehicles to IV PS3
    • can only add 23 cars to the vehicles.ide anymore and the game will loop on menu the limits about 150 cars, i've added 23 already, if you want to pick and choose which ones you want spawning i've added a text file with all eflc car ids.
    • added default handling line for every car and Realistic Handling 1.2 By Killatomate, at the airport about 170 car heli spawns some are eflc cars not all of em missing hashes for some mainly lost and damned cars bikes.
    • also boat spawns and the secret island way down south of the airport.

    Vehicles Spawning: apc, avan, buffalo, bullet, caddy, f620, gburrito, pbus, police4, rhapsody, schafter2, serrano2, slamvan, superd2, tampa, towtruck, bati2, hakuchou2, policeb, buzzard, swift, smuggler, floater,

    • Open your common.rpf with openiv or sparkiv and replace all .dat american.gxt and images.txt with ones ive included in the archive rebuild and place common.rpf in PS3_GAME\USRDIR\
    • vehicles.img and eflcvehicles.img goes in PS3_GAME\USRDIR\ps3\models\cdimages
    • queense.img goes in PS3_GAME\USRDIR\ps3\data\maps\east
    • clear game install data before playing.

    GTAIV Map Imports PS3

    Included in the pack:

    Airport Stunt Park
    Disco Loop
    SlipnSlide Empirestate
    Roads to Heaven v3
    Da420driftteam Map Mods
    Robatore Map Mods

    • Open ps3.rpf in openiv and add the folder mods to /data/maps rebuild rpf close it
    • Now open your common.rpf and find file gta.dat extract to desktop and open with notepad and add these lines

    IPL platform:/data/maps/mods/airportstuntpark.ipl
    IPL platform:/data/maps/mods/derbyplaza.ipl
    IPL platform:/data/maps/mods/discoloop.ipl
    IPL platform:/data/maps/mods/slipnslideempirestate.ipl
    IPL platform:/data/maps/mods/roadstoheavenv3.ipl
    IPL platform:/data/maps/mods/robatoremapmods.ipl
    IPL platform:/data/maps/mods/da420driftteammod1.ipl
    IPL platform:/data/maps/mods/da420driftteammod2.ipl
    IPL platform:/data/maps/mods/da420driftteammod3.ipl
    IPL platform:/data/maps/mods/da420driftteammod4.ipl
    IPL platform:/data/maps/mods/da420driftteammod5.ipl
    IPL platform:/data/maps/mods/da420driftteammod6.ipl

    Save and replace back in common.rpf rebuild and your ready to play, just place your common ps3 rpfs back in PS3_GAME\USDIR no need to clear game install data when editing .rpfs

    Note some map imports aint compatible with each other like Da420driftteam map mods and the roads to heaven v3 will cause random freezing when loaded together, try not to have both maps mods lines in the gta.dat


    Update: From nativesith (via comes some details on modding GTA IV without a PS3 CFW / Jailbreak installed.

    To quote: Its been too long my friends. Me love you long time... Couple months ago my psn acct was banned. So I deleted all my games under that acct. I thought I seen it all in modding IV.

    Then I was checkin out youtube... I found a mod without the need for a jailbreak. So I checked it out assuming it was na real... Even came up with a corrupted data. But after following the instructions with my usb and all. And IT WORKED?

    Looking at the files it is dats. So the dats are where it all is. How...must try to make our own like dis. It has a lot of mods. After all that the shockwave person tries to freeze me?! Check it out if ya have a disc of gta iv and usb.

    From SHoCK xiXix WAVE via YouTube:

    STEP 1:

    Just Format an USB to FAT32.

    STEP 2:

    Put The USB in The PC and Put The File With The PS3 Backup
    ---Just copy and Paste---Very Simple

    STEP 3:

    Return to Your PS3 and Go To System Setting/System Back-up/Restore With the New Backup in USB


    Use GTA IV Disc BLES OR BLUS And Game will Install

    Please note that your ps3 will totally restore with only GTA4 on it. To have more games on it u need to reinstall them after the restore. We are not responsible for anything that can go wrong. Use at own risk!

    Any Info Skype Me MEGATRON2413 or PSN UH-64_DoMiNaToR Or SHoCK__ixi__WAVE


    DevilsDesign For Making MD mods.
    Me For Injecting The Mods Inside Back-up.
    OneRatedStar AKA UH-64_GuNSLiNGeR For The Back Up File.

    Finally, from ed89: It work with some older call of dutys too (Ghost, BO2,COD4...) even more easier just modificate the save data on pc and overwrite back on PS3

    But this is cheating and forget online with this you will get banned! (just a matter of time and if you get banned on OFW good luck... hope only your account will get banned and not your CID if yes..."Gameover")

    Im not sure but on certain games only your account will get banned and not your PS3 CID.

    (but you can also be banned for offline cheating trophys cheats/hacks for example... or if you gain you an unfair advantage through the cheat codes that can be logged with trophy date, modificated save... and you play online with this account later...)

    yes i know -USE ON YOUR OWN RISK- but the risk are high so only use it on a new account and if you dont afraid lose psn/online access.

    [imglink=|Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV) Modifications for PS3 CFW Arrive][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV) Modifications for PS3 CFW Arrive][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV) Modifications for PS3 CFW Arrive][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    NTA Guest
    Good news. Some people were wondering about this

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    wyldstallyn Guest
    this is great news. can't wait to try this out. Thanks boss!

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Now this might make me get back into GTA IV for a while. Cool, best news on the scene since ReactPSN 2.10! Cool , this might lead to some exciting mods, Can't wait until people start porting cars from other games! Love my Integra Type R in the PC version!

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    nemopsp Guest
    Does this work on Complete Edition of game? also does game need to b installed on hdd or will it work on disk?

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    Carter101 Guest
    Got to check this out thanks.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    This is very exciting news for myself, there were a couple of mods for GTA IV on the PS3 before this one but they weren't really good. Hopefully there will be more mods for games like Just Cause 2.

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    kombat75 Guest
    I can said I lucky or not.. I just happen to download this GTA IV as I don't see any new games can be play.

    Nothing to download and was getting and old games and saw this GTA IV Modifications for PS3 CFW make me more excited. hehehe..

    2 more days my GTA IV will be finishing downloading and I will test this modifcations..

    Btw, how does this modifications work ? .PKG or we need to copy some files ?

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    You will need to copy some files, I would suggest you make a backup of GTA IV in case the modification goes wrong.

    Also here is the file "queens_e.img" from EvilB's mod for those who don't want to download the whole thing (

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    vincemeister55 Guest
    does this work on the eur version?

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