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Thread: Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV) Modifications for PS3 CFW Arrive

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    Nabnab Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by HeyManHRU View Post
    Thanks a lot for your help, it would take a lot of work to port a modded vehicle pack from the PC to the PS3 but I guess I can only mod one or two cars.
    It's always like that, it's long to extract, transfer, rename, verified but after you can share your mod with everybody

    also i need to tell you, that some vehicles can bug not the fault of the PS3 but from the limitation of showing a lot of polygone (GTA IV problem and more on a console due to less memory allowed)

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    nativesith has shared a quick guide on how other can also make .bik videos for games like Grand Theft Auto IV and Smackdown vs Raw.

    To quote: A couple days ago I presented some Bik videos converted from mp4's in 480p. Today I will show you all another way to watch NewISH without converting. Just look in your other game folders, almost all other games have Video folders with videos already in bik form. Simply copy any video to your desktop rename it CNT or weazel and place in USRDIR/ps3/movies and watch it with Niko. Many files play with out character voices, but still very cool.

    Check out Bink Video and download RAD video tools (

    The first few times I tried the program , nothing worked. Then I converted video I had already converted to 480 p mp4 for my ps3's. That is when every video started to work. I advise anyone trying this to do that first, since the BIK conversion will take a while. For any other video formats (flv, avi, mkv, wmv,etc...) to mp4 I use Allok.
    • Once the file is in 480p.mp4 then open up
    • Bink and Smacker
    • Select RAD video tools
    • Find and Select the file
    • Select BINK it
    • Now in the options check off compress to a % of the original and place the value beside that to 100
    • That is it Press Bink on the right hand side and wait for the file to be converted
    • The file will be in the same folder the original is in just rename to CNT.bik or weazel.bik and replace GTA IV.

    Once Rad Video Tools is installed one can watch all the videos on one's external hard drive from all the GAMES that contain bik files!

    I also want to add a quick note myself, if you're attempting to mod a .bik video for a game like Smackdown Vs Raw I advise you make sure it's the same size as the original one so the video isn't too big or too small.

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    DaRkSiDe0 Guest
    Please! can someone reup this mod for me? I only have discovered it after megaupload goes down!

    I only want the NewestISH's mod. Thks

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    HeyManHRU Guest

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    NativeSith and JDMAlex have just recently come up with a new mod for Grand Theft Auto IV entitled "GTA IV WARZ -A NewISH Hope".

    Download: Torrent - / Torrent Mirror -

    To quote: ... a long time ago, an a galaxy far, far away; a scene developer by the name of Native Jedi reached out to Obi-T000 Kenobi, and other moderators throughout the scene worlds for help, because the Evil Empire was chasing him throughout the universe. The Empire was after him, for he was in possession of custom game modifications; ones that could be used to cripple the Empires plans on total universal domination.

    The Empire seized control of his custom game modifications, and then all hope had seemed lost... but he joined with Obi-T000, and set up a secret Rebel base at PSX-Scene with Pave Solo, Evilblunta and J2-D2; where they could once again design custom modifications for the games they own, without the fear of the Empire awaiting in ambush, trying to diminish and destroy their efforts.

    With a team of other GTAIV game modders, two members of the Rebel Alliance, J2-D2 and Native Jedi, have unleashed their new plans that will bring a new era in GTAIV modifications. But with the ever watchful empire ready to destroy anyone who opposes them, the Rebels must remain secret in transferring the files. Please, you must resit the dark side. Join the Rebel Alliance today! And remember... The first rule of GTA IV WARZ, is there is no GTA IV WARZ!

    CONTROLS (Jedi Powers):

    God Mode + Weapons = Button Stick Left + Button Stick Right // Good for when you get arrested allows you to get god mode back

    Super Speed ON = Button Stick Left + R1
    Super Speed OFF = Button Stick Left + R2

    Clear Wanted = Button Stick Right + L1

    Player Gravity ON = R1+L2
    Player Gravity OFF = L1+R2

    Ragdoll = L1 (use with gravity to move)

    INSTALLATION (The Force):

    Componentpeds.img goes in
    Script.img goes in

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    darckcast Guest
    i hope in the future they can made a full GTA IV mod of san andreas

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    daSlayer87 Guest
    Is there a MOD just for a better handling of the cars (for example like in Saints Row 2)? I love this game but i cant get used to the handling.

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