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    Poll Good idea to move to PS3 Custom Firmware?

    Hi all

    So I am still on firmware 3.41. I just wanted to ask if you think it would be a good idea to move to custom firmware now? I know I am probably a bit late but I`m often too afraid to take risks. Anyway, if you do recommend that I move to custom firmware, which custom firmware exactly would you recommend? Also, when I move to custom firmware then, will it format my hdd with all my games on it? Will my games still work exactly as they did afterwards as well?

    Also, when you are on custom firmware, what are the protocol`s on copying your games and making them work then? Last time I got a new game was gran turismo 5 and I just downloaded the 3.41 eboot.bin and ran it in multiman in patched mode since then.

    Your help will be sincerely appreciated, I have to catch up on this. Thank you for everything.

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    First reading, I thought you were saying you were on OFW 3.41. Then when I read on, you're talking about using the eboot for GT5. So, now I think you're saying you're on CFW 3.41? Please clarify. If that's the case, and you are are on CFW 3.41 already, personally, I'd stay where you are...

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    He's using the dongle apparently. As for his original question, CFW enables you to be permanently 'jailbroken' as many call it. Yes, it is much better than 3.41.

    Most games do not need to have their EBOOTs replaced, although the ones that you previously replaced need to get their original EBOOTs which you can get from here (

    I would suggest upgrading to 3.55 kmeaw. Instructions can be found in this thread ( created by yours truly.

    Any further questions, be sure to ask.

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    Thank you so much for the reply Sorry for not specifying. I am using the ps3break dongle at the moment though. I just have two more questions If I install the cfw now, will it format my hdd (will I use all my games, save games etc?) and when will I know if I need to download a new eboot.bin for a game that I have copied? Can you also please explain to me why some games`s eboot files need to be replaced and others not? I would really appreciate it Those are my only remaining questions. Thanks you so much again.

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    Hi mate,

    If you install the new cfw now you will have to format you hdd IF you have a slim ps3. If you have a fat like me the firmwares installed on the nand memory of your ps3 so you will not lose saves games trophies etc. I would ftp your games to an external drive or your ocs hard drive. As far as replacing your eboots you will have to on probably most of them unfortunately.

    But these eboots for you cfw are widely available. Try them if they do not work just replace the eboot file. A lot of the games available come with the original eboot so will not allways need replacing. Hope this helps.

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    1) Will it erase everything? NO, it won't. It will only update the firmware

    2) When do you need to replace eboot files? If the game doesn't work, you'll need one. The modified eboot is because the game will require a newer firmware than you currently use. i.e. Tiger Woods 2012 wants OFW 3.60, so if you're using CFW 3.55, it won't work unless the eboot is modified to allow 3.55

    Eh? I was able to upgrade my FW without losing anything. I have a slim PS3.

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    No obviously it won't format your HDD. Any games like Gran Turismo 5, which had their EBOOT.BIN replaced by you have to be re-replaced. If you have the original CD, you can just back it up again. Only the games you have messed up with earlier need to be replaced. Hope this helps.

    Umm... No HDD Format necessary. Dude, you don't know what you're talking about.

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    Sorry I was under the impression that slim ps3s firmware was installed on the hdd. That info was read on this site.

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    Thank you so much guys. I really appreciate all the help. At least I kept my need for speed and gran turismo original eboots as a backup on my external. Looks like it was a good thing. Thanks so much for everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matrixdts View Post
    Sorry I was under the impression that slim ps3s firmware was installed on the hdd. That info was read on this site.
    Where did you read THAT?

    Anyway, hope your confusion is cleared now.

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