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    echonight Guest

    Question Going from PS3 CFW 3.55 to OFW 3.70

    i got ps3 and installed waninkoko 3.55 v2. i download some games and put it in my hdd and works great,but i got some original games from my friend but can not play online as it asked me to update to sign up for psn, really i want try playing online.and i heard that all the new games need the last ofw. my questions are:

    1- is it safe to update to last ofw or i will be pan by sony?
    2- is there any hope to play online without updating?
    3- does the new games can work on cfw 3.55?
    4- does playing online worth removing cfw to ofw?

    thanks in advance

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    1. Just delete all your homebrew (like multiMan Manager) and games of your PS3 and you should be safe.
    2. You can use Xlink Kai or XBS link to play games that use a LAN.
    3. Some do, some don't (for now)
    4. In my opinion, no.

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    echonight Guest
    thanks man for reply. that was so fast!!

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    clouduzz Guest
    I know it's not cost effective for some, but if you can spare the cash just buy a used PS3 and use that for online.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Some people just want to play CoD online and that's it, if that's the case just have one PS3, but if you want the "best of both worlds" get a second PS3 or see how the E3 turns out.

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