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    Going back to OFW from PS3 CFW

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    Hi Everyone,

    This is my first post here, and a new user to a PS3 (traditional PC gamer) and an even newer user to CFW. I have read a lot over the past few weeks and days, and some of the older posts seem to conflict the new ones in terms of what's what. So I still have a few questions that I could use assistance with. Can you guys please help?

    - I'm on CFW 3.55 Kmeaw, currently with 3.56 spoof. (I don't see the need to update to 3.60 spoof since PSN isn't working now anyway)

    - I think I want to go back to OFW 3.55 presently because my kids use the machine more than I do, and I don't want to risk using the CFW when there's not much point at the moment, other than homebrew - No need for "back-ups"

    - I'm aware that if I go back to OFW, I have to update to 3.60 in order to go online.

    - I want to erase all previous homebrew activity, so even if I go back to OFW, there's no history seen by $ony. Should I use logjam, eraseme, or what? When should I use it? Should I remove my HD and reformat it? In which case where do I find my profile files and saved games in order to back those up first, and then copy them back after?

    I know it's a lot of questions, but perhaps a brief summary of this will help me and all kinds of others on here…


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    Unless you are going to update to 3.60 for online play, stay as you are and disconnect your ps3 from the internet. There is no worth in going from cfw to an old ofw!

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    ok, thanks natepig. What if I want to go back online and play my original games?

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    Probably the best thing you can do is do a full format on your PS3 HDD, then use recovery mode to put OFW 3.55 back on there and then update to 3.60. You could also restore the defaults of the PS3 as well just in case.

    I'm not sure doing a format on the HDD or restoring to defaults would do anything useful, but it's an extra precaution you could take to make sure no traces of HB programs are left on your machine when you do go online. And hopefully recovering back to OFW 3.55 will erase any traces/history of you using HB programs on your PS3.

    Although if you had previously connected your PS3 to the net while you were using CFW, then Sony could very well already have enough info to ban your PS3 once you get back online.

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    Thanks, so how do I backup all my profiles and saved games before I reformat. Actually, not how, but are the folders where they are saved obvious? I haven't really looked... I can't right now as I'm working.

    Then is it just a case of copying them back after formatting?

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    It would be easier to use the XMB Saved Game Utility to backup your game saves individually, as the HD Backup Utility makes an image of your HD (homebrew and all) and takes forty forevers. The downside is you cannot move locked saves. There is no point to copying the folders because without the CFW you won't be able to use an FTP server to copy them back.

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    Thanks severusx, this will copy all the account info too? then when I restore them all after the reformat, the saved games and profile info will all be there, or will I have to re-create a new account? The saved games won't then be locked either?

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    You can do the 'Backup' from the XMB. It will save all your savedata,etc. but the trophies won't be there. You'll have to 'Sync' it with PSN to retain all you previous trophies, which won't be possible since you are on CFW.

    If it was me, I'd just directly update to OFW and see what happens.

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    A backup will copy over accounts as well from my experience. So if you delete all traces of HB on your PS3, do a backup, then recover to OFW 3.55 (so it starts you fresh and hopefully erases all traces of used HB) then update to OFW 3.60, you might be Ok.

    Either way you do it there is still a risk since you may have connected to the net with your CFW and Sony would have that info. So no matter how much spring cleaning you do they may still have the grounds to ban you. But maybe they won't, it's worth the experiment since you want to go back to OFW anyway. So:

    1. Delete all homebrew from your system and use a file manager to to do some extensive cleaning if necessary (cleaning up your games folder and such and anything else that may have obvious HB traces).

    2. Backup your PS3 with the backup utility.

    3. Use recovery mode to go back to OFW 3.55.

    4. Update to 3.60

    5. Restore your backup.

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    Thanks! Will restoring the backup not bring back any traces of leftover HB though?


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