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    Quote Originally Posted by rediac View Post
    come on we're waiting for a patch or something for this game to work on PS3 (3.55) it's better then LA NOIRE and some others i guess.. pls guys help us here !
    Then buy this game... Or be patient for a long time. We are not waiting for a patch. You are who wait for it and NOT US therefore demanding it can be annoying to the developers. Its not good idea to bother them. Anyway, we are very patient and we are busy with other games. You should do the same.

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    i was just going to ask the same thing but someone beat me to it.

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    i'm trying to download kmeaw cfw but cant find it... where can i find the download ?

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    See here:

    Make sure it says it is 3.55 FW before you install it, just in case.

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