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    Format HD advantage on PS3 CFW?

    Hi all,

    I am finally upgrading to CFW 3.55 from 3.41+JB but I was wondering if there is any advantage to formatting the hard drive before the upgrade?

    I was planning to run one of those apps that clears your previously played games list and then format the HD. If there is no advantage to this then I would rather avoid the extra work and just go OFW 3.55 then CFW 3.55 straightaway.

    I would really appreciate your help.

    P.S. I am not planning on connecting the PS3 to the internet.

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    no advantage..

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    I also see no advantage. The app that clears the last played list does what you need, should you be worried about it (I'm not, but my ps3 stopped being connected to the internet right before the first time I jailbroke it). I know gaia manager does that cleaning everytime you use it, but there are other options for other managers should you use another.

    And to upgrade... I went from 3.41-OFW to 3.55-kmeaw directly without any problems twice, one time with a 40 GB fat and the other with a 120 GB slim ps3 (both PAL). I see no need to install 3.55 OFW in between, but should you prefer to do it, you'll have to use the recovery menu when going from 3.55-OFW to 3.55-CFW if it says 3.55 is already installed when trying to flash the CFW.

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    Not really an advantage. Make sure you don't accidentally update to 3.56. It's better to access the recovery menu to update to a modified 3.55

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    Thanks guys for the replies. Much appreciated. I will go ahead and install the CFW

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    I think that's solved.


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