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    Kenshindono Guest
    I promise to test all those files tomorrow since I was really busy with work this week. I'm done with work at 11.30 pm tonight and once I'm done I'll give a report of all my test. I'm also trying to recruit translators to help you on the translation project.

    I hope many people will join. My friend is gone to cure himself for his back and once he comes back I'm gonna harass him too. Thanks Oxinar for the great works. Keep going guys.

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    mamu Guest
    i updated the sdb editor, this fixes the missing pages bug. some error messages got more details too.

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    Oxinar Guest
    Thanks mamu for updating the editor. I need someone with better skills than mine to translate these 3 skits. translating these 3, we will have around 46 skits translated. After editing them correctly'll post them for you. So any help to translate these 3 skits is welcome.


  4. #84
    tpmjb Guest
    I just want to say that you guys did AWESOME work on Tales of Graces F and I wish you guys best of luck with this one! Cheers!

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    niwakun Guest
    Oxinar Well it's good that you were translating skits, but I prefer you finish the Game Menu itself and its contents, also at least the sudden in-game tutorials. The story can be easily followed through youtube or gamefaq translation.

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    BluRay Guest
    The Game Menu, its contents and in-game tutorials are already translated by other people, so I'd say It doesn't matter much, but I agree, It kinda makes sense for that to be priority over skits (I would preffer translated skits though, but thats me :<)

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    Kenshindono Guest
    I agree there is priority in translation. Many of us don't like to pause the game and read the story elsewhere or read a tutorial on some forum. But we have to consider Oxinar choices. He might want to follow the chronology of the game too and translate from the start to the end by localizing events story dialog menu etc.. I do prefer this method on translation and reallly don"t want him to be spoiled reading end of story without at least progressing on the game, that way he can enjoy the game fully too. But for me everything translated is important for those who want to enjoy the game fully. Going to test the progress later today, just woke up time for coffee

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    niwakun Guest
    well, yes, its for Oxinar is he's going to take my suggestion or not, im not forcing him/her in any way.

    But you might instead not want to see some people trying to defeat some boss monsters or monsters un-intelligently because of crappy battle setup. I seen my brother letting Elise to attack on monsters 1by1 although in my setting, i just let her cast all magic at distance and priority healing and defense. ALthough you might not able to do that setting without knowing whats written in there.

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    Kenshindono Guest
    I agree battle setup, tutorial, and skills & items are probably what's needed at first. Sometimes everything is not explained on the start of the game but later in game. Anyway it's an huge work to consider and the translation project just started. I'm doing the repack right now to test the progress. (Recruiting translator is hard even on games forum, weird o.O')

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    XaTeTb Guest
    Hi! found some translated stuff for Xillia here: gamefaqs.com/ps3/616012-tales-of-xillia/faqs/63835

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