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    shinintendo Guest
    This program goes well with crystal tile 2 (just saying): code.google.com/p/tinke/downloads/list[/url]

    Info here: gbatemp.net/topic/303529-tinke-072/

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    Kenshindono Guest

    Wink Comment on the TEST

    Going to test this afternoon Really enjoying the day ^_^ US Eboot of ToGF is out and I have to test the Xillia progress on the tools and translation

    Thanks to Mamu & Oxinar ^_^

    Mamu, I'am not sure to know how to use the editor :

    Let me explain.. When i opened the SDBJPN File I have one of those three messages:

    1. Incorrect Value in file (Mostly 1kb files)
    2. TLZC compression detected / Uncompress it before opening! (need the uncompressor that i don't have for this kind of files )
    3. Warning : Text is empty at offset #### - try to open the file again (happened with SBDJPN material translation from OXINAR) Pressing ok will give an another offset number "adress"
    The editor will work but there is still line where the text is not visible and those might be the empty detected by the editor

    I'm gonna repacking the files from Oxinar now and see if it works fine on the game. ^_^



    Ok after some testing that took many time I can tell at least one thing ! THERE is HUGE PROGRESS on the extracting and repacking process. The game start fine, there is no system check for the integrity and the ITEM translation works. BUT Sadly I was unable to do anything else despite using the menu and wandering a little in the first location. The game froze on me each time I tried to do something new & I couldn't check many things like location name or Value item.

    To test: At the very beginning when you choose Milla (the girl) and turn right you will see a sort of pipe/tube for water check it and the game will freeze. After a fight the game also freeze in the last sequence. Checking menu works greatly though. But it seems that something on the dialog files was messed up with the change on the sdbjpn files. Probably due to the offset.

    What I used:

    The 4 and then 5 files from Oxinar.

    And tried after that with the fifth file "location name" : 0142847.SDBJPN

    1. Made the repack: This step worked well and after the copy and install the game started Intro and command when moving the character ingame works without prob.

    2. What would be great to test at first is everything from the very start:

    That would permit to understand why it freeze (probably because of the offset)
    checking Equipment
    checking ITEM
    translate a Special skills
    Easy to localize the first little dialog box
    Some lines of the first tutorial on battle.
    A skit text on the first battle

    3. What would be really hard to do for undub (confirmed by Mamu): Playing audio & localizing and replacing a voice from the start with another and see if it works (could swap girl and boy this would be funny)

    Next: I'll test each file alone and repack to see the result but it needs a little too much time repacking/copying files but something great is that you have to replace only the file on the internal hdd of the ps3 install : dev_hdd0/game/BLJS010120_INSTALL/USRDIR/
    That way you can keep a proper version on your external hdd for the moment and remove the install data if needed to play safe.

    Translation could take many time but I'm ready to test everything provided by Oxinar and Mamu. (I'll do my best to provide some translation work if it's possible)

    Time to sleep for me. Thanks for all your effort guys. This game definitely worth that.

    Mod feel free to correct me

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    Oxinar Guest
    Here mate, all the files that I have translated until now. All of them works fine with no errors all tested by me, just test it and and say what you think.

    The pack have: Usables Items, Accessories, Valuables Items, Auto Items Usage, tactics explanation, grade shop, Material Items only names still, some things like jump, climb and some Yes No Save Loda this kind of thing. And a TLZC Decompressor for you: just rename the decompressed file to the original name of the file to .SDBJPN


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    Kenshindono Guest
    Thank you OXINAR! I'm gonna test this today of course You two are the best Team ever made! Thanks for this work. You are so fast O.O

    I'm gonna test everything and report. ^_^

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    cronocardoso Guest
    and how do I do this business work there??

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    Oxinar Guest
    I need help! These texts are the beginning of the game with Jude, I think the dialogues are from the central story. Not NPC dialogue. The problem is has some phrases that I did not understand even how to translate, if some of you can give a look and understand the best way to translate I would be grateful.

    Is not much, you can trust, are few lines of text.


  7. #77
    Oxinar Guest
    Hey mau! Can you can take a look and see if you can translate these phrases?





  8. #78
    niwakun Guest
    If it's to save the shidai, then i have to do it

    Pass through Kizil, Hamil then Rashugaru

    I dont know why you still following me but

    But oh well i dont mind anyway

    Maybe I miss something on it, I just suck at translating but I do understand them

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    mamu Guest
    キジル海瀑 is a map location and ラ・シュガル兵 might be a type of enemy i think. I'm not good at translating story either.

  10. #80
    Oxinar Guest
    Thanks guys, but I had already managed to translate. By the way here are two blocks of text of the history, if I'm not mistaken is between Ni'akelia and the place where milla tries to revive the four great guardians, and also has 10 skits translated.


    Another thing, Someone else is translating the game?

    I had to make a change in the skits because the texts were being cut, now they're three lines for better alignment and without texts jumping out of the screen. Has 23 skits translated.


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