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  1. #691
    chessmaker Guest
    it says the download password is incorrect on xillia2, please check your passwords

  2. #692
    mamu Guest
    I fixed toxpack, now everything should work fine. I also tested your files in game, and there were no problems with this version.

    ryu71, it's not necessary to recompress the files, but if you want to, you can also try HyoutaTools (github.com/AdmiralCurtiss/HyoutaTools).

  3. #693
    Kazutsu Guest
    So I've downloaded Tales of Xillia (EU) Translated JP Base DLC 0.9.pkg what should I do to make the DLC work? I've downloaded Tales_of_Xillia_PS3-ACCiDENT. I've tried a lot of methods, putting the pkg file to my usb or making a folder and adding the pkg there, and still the pkg doesn't appear in "Install Package Files"...... Can some one help me please?

    Okay nvm seems I had to add the file to a different USB.....

  4. #694
    Kai Kiske Guest
    mamu I don't know why but partially repack didn't work

    Maybe because my OS is Windows 7 x64? But i used compatibility option and this didn't help...

    Anyway, i have another question (because i don't have anyone else to ask). Our programmer learned how to unpack texture files (TOTEXB & TOTEXP) and convert them in DDS ARGB but... some textures are swizzled... this is sad becuase our programmer don't know how to unswizzle them...

    And if i put normal DDS texture instead of swizzled then in game this texture incorrectly displayed. I attached some screenshots of my translation and some DDS textures (swizzled and normal).

    Please, help me. I really don't have anyone else to ask

  5. #695
    asasasas Guest
    hi, can i please have the pass for tha tales of xillia 2?

    i'm trying to download it but i can't because the pass is wrong

  6. #696
    Kai Kiske Guest
    It seems that no one will help me with swizzled textures... This is sad... I and other people really make a fan translation of the game. Here you can see screenshots: temple-tales.ru/translations_tox.html

  7. #697
    OmniSlashzx Guest
    So there is no Tales of Xillia 0.9 for US?

  8. #698
    Karrion Guest
    Are you guys working on Xillia 2 Undub or are you waiting 'til release to work better?

  9. #699
    mamu Guest
    Sorry for the extremely late reply, I'm back now.

    I checked the 2 DDS you uploaded, but I don't know how to unswizzle them. If you have many of these kind of files, someone at the Xentax forum might be able to help you. Also there are some textures that look like RGB(+A), but actually DXT1/DXT3 compressed textures.

    You can use TextureFinder to check them. If there are not too many of such files, I think you should just leave them to the end after the rest of the game is translated (which look great so far, by the way).

    As for toxpack, it should work fine on both x86 and x64 Windows, and I even tested it on Linux with Wine. I'm not sure why it doesn't work for you, can you try it on another computer too?

    Unlikely, but it might be related to the system (eg. the program loses reading/writing permission to your repacked file), or some Unicode/file name related problem. If it still doesn't work, you can also access the language from a different directory by creating symbolic links.

    These work like regular shortcuts, but the system thinks they are the real files, so you can work on them the same way as you would on the original.

  10. #700
    p3n Guest
    Thanks so much for all your hard work!

    I was wondering - is it possible to enable the original English voices? Voice acting in games has come a long way, and the voices in this game are actually quite good.

    I have the ACCiDENT 6.06g version (the intro and text are english, but everything else is Japanese), I hope there is just some file I can edit?

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