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  1. #61
    mamu Guest
    ok the editor is mostly done. there are some weird bugs though, when you use the 'open' button the second time, some pages might not load for some reason. i haven't tested edited files in game, so tell me if it works correctly or not.

  2. #62
    Oxinar Guest
    Thanks mamu but I have a question: how to use this? cause there's some files in the rar but none of them are an .EXE there's some .CLASS files and a MANIFEST.MF

  3. #63
    mamu Guest
    that's a Java file, run it with "java -jar sdbedit.jar". you will need java runtime if you don't have it yet.

  4. #64
    Oxinar Guest
    Here has the material items names translated. If you can test then and see if the editor works I would be grateful.


  5. #65
    mamu Guest
    or here is the command in BAT file. just put next to the JAR and start it. if you have java it should work.

  6. #66
    mamu Guest
    i tested your files, the last one you just posted doesn't work, but all of them before it works good in the editor.

    in your last file some offsets are pointing to the blocks of nulls after the text.

  7. #67
    Oxinar Guest
    I tried again with your editor and it worked perfectly! Thanks man now get to work.

  8. #68
    Kenshindono Guest
    Oh my! can't wait to test everything on sunday. Thanks everyone.

  9. #69
    kientan89 Guest
    Can anyone post some pics about the translated result?

  10. #70
    lzyslckr Guest
    Are you guys able to translate the story or is there another roadblock and will simply have to wait for the US to come out?

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