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  1. #661
    SnakeChile Guest
    Hi there: I'm new to this forum and i need your help.

    I bought the original US version of ToX, and i have a save game with 65 hours of gameplay. Browsing on the internet, i saw one video in which some person was playing ToX with Japanese audio and english subtitles, so i search about it and realized that that person has his or her ps3 unlocked.

    I decided to unlock mine, only for the sake to play this wonderful game with the original audio.

    So, i need to know how can i make my save game of ToX US (dubbed) work for the JP version (undubbed).

    Will i lose all the trophies that i've earned?


    Excuse my english, i don't speak it natively.

  2. #662
    Itachi 2121E Guest
    It will work if your Undub version is US based.

  3. #663
    niwakun Guest
    ^only if there was a US based undub

    currently, only EU based game has a undubbed game.

  4. #664
    mamu Guest
    You can convert your save between regions, but you might lose some of your trophies. See page 54 for more details.

    And don't forget to backup your files

  5. #665
    SnakeChile Guest
    Thanks, i solved the problem with a program called PS3 Save Resigner. Greetings!

  6. #666
    Electron1c Guest
    Not true. I made US based Undub (PSN release (thanks JOE for this)). Anyone can make this with required files from EU based Undub, just replace needed files and game work fine. Also DLC converted from EU to US region work fine.

  7. #667
    moth1234 Guest
    is there anybody can upload TOX All Dlc JPN Version again please?

    I format my ps3 hdd, save my saves but I don't remember the dlcs.

    now I can't use my save to continue the game..

    really sad..

    please help!!

    thx the nice guy.

  8. #668
    sendyo Guest
    the game Tales of Xillia UNDUB BETA1 is having this weird bug where in the beginning of the game, every time I get to the part after defeating the mysterious girl and getting a research center key, though when I check my inventory for it its not there and I need that to open the next door.

    This isn't really supposed to happen because in the original dub I can get through the door fine because the key doesn't disappear but in the undub the key disappears. I have searched all over and haven't found anyone else with this problem.

    So it appears I am probably the first to have this problem. What could I be doing wrong. I thought it may have been because I installed the DLC's too early in the game but I don't really think that's it anymore.

    I have tried deleting Game data and re-installing the game but no change. Thanks again for the help.

    I'm wondering where else I should ask this question..

  9. #669
    albert1905 Guest
    Does anyone know..? What is the font image file name is..?

    Nobody knows..?

  10. #670
    mamu Guest
    Around file 45.000 (depending on your game version) there are 5 files: FNTCID, FNTSYS, FNTTXD, TOTEXB, TOTEXD and ICOSYS. They might be the font files and textures.

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