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  1. #651
    B0rm0t0s Guest
    surely someone else 3.55

  2. #652
    Majin3 Guest
    zp62110700: I got someone to resign them using a private tool.

  3. #653
    KaInEvIL Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by keogh View Post
    Sorry about this, i already downloaded tales of xillia undub and aplied the 1.01 patch and everything went good, but after the game boots it goes back to XMB... i'm using 3.55 CFW
    I can confirm it works on 3.55. Just make sure you have overwritten the games "original" EBOOT.BIN with the resigned 3.55 eboot.bin that someone already posted in here.

  4. #654
    zp62110700 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Majin3 View Post
    zp62110700: I got someone to resign them using a private tool.
    Bad to hear that, anyway, thanks for your reply

  5. #655
    darkenemy25 Guest
    Friend want to extract the text of the legend of the game to translate in my language that is Portuguese Brazil, already have tex extract how to proceed? excuse my English.

  6. #656
    soohtomi Guest
    Thanks for the tales undub works well with the update though, this is my 1st tales game and tried the undub version, It was was actually quite good but I want to enjoy what they say at each other every end of the battles can anyone upload an english data file lol I know I'm quite stupid, but decided to run the first gameplay by english and might do the 2nd run on undub any kind hearted souls out there? can upload the data file.

    I'll just overwrite the one on my undub xillia files, I'm grateful with the dubbers and all cheers! this this community is the best!

  7. #657
    rubenz Guest
    Thank you so much for your hard work, the undub works perfectly with my 3.55 console

  8. #658
    Rexkh Guest
    Hi, I have a little serious problem. I have Tales of Xillia PS3-ACCiDENT. The first time it start, it install something for about 5 minutes. Next, Bandi Namco logo appear.

    After that, it start loading with "Now Loading" logo on the bottom right of the screen. About 10 seconds, a message appear "An error occurred with the DLC. Please quit the game and try to install again". Anybody knew what's wrong with this?

  9. #659
    leghari80 Guest
    waiting for this thread to convert in xillia2 undub

  10. #660
    Itachi 2121E Guest
    I think a new thread is more suitable. Is there a release date for Xillia 2 yet?

    Also, there is a very small possibility of it being a dual audio because Symphonia HD is dual audio. Even though it will be weird because Xillia 1 wasn't unfortunately.

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