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  1. #631
    mikimay Guest
    Great Job to the guys at this thread.

    TL working fine at Rebug 4.46.1 Lite

  2. #632
    maxrevolver Guest
    I'm a bit confused on the Tales of Xillia Undub, does it require a pre-patched version of the game to work, or do you just need to have any version of the game(BLUS/BLES/BLJS)?

    If the latter, could someone direct me to a link for the patch please? If the former, is there a non-torrent link?


  3. #633
    Majin3 Guest
    Tales of Xillia DLC translation is now considered finished. Thanks to everyone here who helped with translating, proofreading, testing etc.!

    Download: Tales of Xillia (EU) Translated JP Base DLC 0.9.pkg

    It contains 68 DLC packs for the European version of Tales of Xillia, translated from Japanese to all languages the European version supports. Keep in mind that the translation can be quite different from the official EU DLCs as (almost) no text from them has been used. If you wish to use the official DLCs, just installing them over this pack should work.

    The pack is labeled 0.9 because it's missing 2 DLCs:

    - 300,000 Gald (3)
    - Growth Promotants! Red Herb Set

    Those 2 DLCs aren't included in any of the "complete" packs around and any effort (well, not really that much effort) trying to forge them so far has been in vain so this is most likely the final version.


  4. #634
    kokotas Guest
    Thank you Majin3, Kenshindono and everyone who helped with translating the dlc <3 Sorry I couldn't be on irc but I've gotten busy with uni

  5. #635
    maxrevolver Guest
    Never mind, I figured it out.

    Thanks for the work and translations!

  6. #636
    zakezoe85 Guest
    Quick Question. Will there be a Guide to Undub it ourselves like Graces F?

  7. #637
    Karrion Guest
    majin3, that pack is usable with SS's release? I don't know if it was made over US or EUR or... whatever, for that matter ._.

  8. #638
    bernywtf Guest
    whoa, already done? thanks!

    question: does the pkg install itself in the bles directory directly ?

  9. #639
    Majin3 Guest
    zakezoe85: I'm not sure if it's even possible using mamu's tools so doubt that.

    Karrion: Like the .pkg filename says, it's made for the European version. Undub or not does not matter.

    bernywtf: What else? Of course.

  10. #640
    wameedyousif Guest
    thank you for your job

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