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Thread: Fixing Tales of Xillia for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    Raikohsama Guest
    What about the full Dragon's Crown undub ? any update on that?

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    Kenshindono Guest
    Still working on that too.. Someone on the channel was asked to work on that.. Depending on his time and if he actually enjoy the game enough to work on it, he will do it. This need tools improvement to be able to get it released without any issue. We will see what he will do.. For this we can depend only on him.

    mamu said that this use a newer CRI version and the CPK repacking need a newer/modded version to get it repacked correctly.

    You can check or ask on channel for update about that too.

    NB: ToX complete DLC translation is our priority for now and will be finished soon. ToGf should be released soon too. Keep checking for news.

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    yichung84 Guest
    Where should I report bugs for ToX DLC translation beta?

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    Kenshindono Guest
    Either here or on channel please (channel if you want fast answer), PM Majin3 on IRC for details

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    Itachi 2121E Guest
    I know this is not the right place but is anyone interested in doing an Undub for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5?

    Raikohsama: actually someone did a Jap based undub for Dragon Crown quickly after the english version release.

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    zakezoe85 Guest
    Yes but from what I've Heard from the Dragon's Crown is that there is a stage where you won't be able to progress to the boss. I believe it was the Pirate Stage.

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    Itachi 2121E Guest
    Okay this makes sense... I only loaded the game to see if it works but did not play it yet.

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    hydro51 Guest
    Beta are out ?

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    mrcaughey Guest
    looking for kingdom hearts 1.5 3.55 fix love this game any help would be nice

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    xKaii Guest
    Btw , there are not new fixes for the game?

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