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    I think the overseas release was scheduled for 2014, and seeing that you started the project before the first got released here, I thought you had some kind of interest in trying to unpack the japanese version or something, dunno.

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    the Eu version is out for a few days

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    mmm he meant the release of Xillia 2

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    Sorry if my wording was a bit vague. I meant that they started fixing Xillia 1 before it got released overseas, and knowing that Xillia 2 got already released in Japan and that its release is scheduled for 2014, I thought they were going to start working on it as soon as possible.

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    BTW, since it has been mentioned before, any links on where I can find updates/ progress on undubbing Dragon's Crown?

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    Eu version is out

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    Tales of xillia bles version extracting tlfile.tldat help help

    I want to translate the EUROPE version of the game, from English version to Portuguese (Brazil) version. I already found some of the texts in this huge TLFILE.TLDAT but I couldn't find anything on the net to unpack it and to actually get the scripts.

    Can anybody help me? No lucrative intended! This is just for fun and to send the word for brazilians of the game! I am a Language student/researcher!

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    Forum member Mamu has developed a tool to unpack the TLFILE:

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    Any news about Xillia 1 DLC name translations?

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    Quote Originally Posted by keridian View Post
    Any news about Xillia 1 DLC name translations?
    Ongoing we are almost done. Be Patient please.. Check IRC channel #ToxUndub on my profile for news, this will be updated there first.

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