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    Hey guys, I just wanna say I appreciate the work you've put into this. I just got everything working and finished, started up my undub and i'm now playing thanks to your help.

    Just one question though, after I installed the DLC that Tjexp linked a couple pages back, but all of the 'Fashion' items haven't got names? Is that something that's being worked on now or will we just have to be happy with it as it is?

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    The translation of the dlc is being worked on. Give it some time though, the english translation is done but still needs to be translated to a few other languages. Read majin3's posts in previous pages

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    Okay, thanks just wanted to know.

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    Any news on the dlc translation progress ?

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    Both TOX & TOGf DLC translation are ongoing.

    You can follow progress on channel or check for a new status post on this thread.

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    Guys, is there Tales of Xillia 2 DLC out there anywhere?

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    from what i can read around (took 30 secs) the xillia 1 dlc is compatible with xillia 2

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    Yes, but there are Xillia 2 only DLCs as well.

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    Guys, do you have any plans on undubbing Xillia 2?

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    I would say the odds of a Xillia 2 undub being completed this year are almost nonexistent, sorry. There are no plans for this whatsoever.

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