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  1. #591
    Majin3 Guest
    It's 1.01. Just making it clear so nobody ends up searching for a non-existent 1.1.

  2. #592
    Maou Guest
    i already downloaded the dub version, do i have to download it all again or there is some patch or some file which i can download and replace it?

  3. #593
    hydro51 Guest
    Yep, the DLC for the version EUR would be much appreciated !

  4. #594
    tjexp Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Maou View Post
    i already downloaded the dub version, do i have to download it all again or there is some patch or some file which i can download and replace it?
    By Dub you mean the English release correct? Then yes you need to re-download

  5. #595
    ShiniShini Guest
    I'm getting my PS3 downgraded to 3.55 on Monday. If I continue to play the EU version, will I keep my saves once I've patched? I know once I've installed Kmeaw's CFW I have to delete my EU install files before patching, but is there a page on this forum that shows the steps in patching? It's my first time patching anything, so I just wanna be 100% haha.

  6. #596
    tjexp Guest
    Downgrading from OFW (if you are on OFW) will delete everything on your HDD if I am correct so back up your saves and stuff. Your saves will carry over from EU to UNDUB. Once you've downloaded the UNDUB version of the game (You can't patch a Euro version to UNDUB)

    To patch:

    First download the patch file above and move it to your BLES01815 folder, then extract it there. Run the exe file:

    You will get a black box, press any key:

    It will start patching, wait for it to finish. (it will take awhile)

    Once its finished, press any key and you can then delete the files

    Note: You must delete the game data and re-install it after patching

    Forgot patch link: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php...69856291057606

  7. #597
    ShiniShini Guest
    Thanks, Tjexp. Just to make sure, you're using a USB stick with the UNDUB on right? I'm currently downloading SS's Undub, so once that's finished I place that in my USB stick, then just follow your instructions, put the usb into my PS3 (install i take it of course) and play? When you say you must delete the data, do you mean the EU data? Just wondering since you mentioned that once i've downgraded my HDD will be wiped? A lot of questions i'm sorry haha, but thanks for being so helpful

  8. #598
    tjexp Guest
    It would be best if you followed this guide to get started up: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-cf...de-118615.html

    I recommend upgrading to any of the 4.41+ CFW (rogero/rebug etc) once your on 3.55

    Once you have everything ready and have the app Multiman installed, you put your games on a USB like so: Inside your USB create a "GAMES" folder and put all games inside there. Then you run the games from Multiman.

    By deleting data, I mean the "Tales of Xillia Installed data" that it installs when you first boot the game. If you are downgrading from Official firmware then your HDD will be wiped.

  9. #599
    ShiniShini Guest
    Okay thanks, that answers most of my questions on that. The only thing I didn't understand was downgrading just to upgrade? Is that just because once it's been downgraded and installed with 3.55 CFW, you can update it with 4.41CFW like Rogero and then MM, etc, and everything will work fine?

    Okay everything else I understand now, thanks a lot!

  10. #600
    tjexp Guest
    Yes that's about it. You get a new icon under the games menu called Install package files, which lets you install PKG files for homebrew (such as Multiman which is a backup manager)

    Another thing, Using CFW on PSN can get you console banned so be careful.

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