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  1. #51
    ryanel Guest
    sir oxinar can you make a guide step by step how to translate it pls.. i have the game those 4 files and the winhex.. but i don't know how to edit it.. thank you

  2. #52
    Oxinar Guest
    Open the file you want to translate in the program, go to VIEW, Character Set, Code page... and change to unicode UTF-8.

    If you can not edit them do it: in the left corner of the program its writing in green [Read-only mode] with the mouse, right click on it and choose... an pop up will appears with three options, choose Default Edit Mode (=editable).

    With this you get to see the texts and you can translate them. Any questions just ask, I answer as soon as possible.

  3. #53
    niwakun Guest
    For convenience, use CrystalTile2 Tool. It is a tool for Nintendo Console for HEX editing and such. But there is a cool feature there that you can use, that is the Text search. It filters out the most common text and everything is out.

    Tried it by my self by and it works at least. Just re adjusted some setting there like start and end offset

  4. #54
    arktos Guest
    and some tip of mine

    anybody knows madedit? it has builtin shiftjis and a special text mode, where you can display only the ascii text of a file

    example from graces eboot

  5. #55
    Kenshindono Guest
    I'am gonna try them all on sunday and see what is the best arktos & niwakun that would be great if you could make a little pack with those apps. Thanks for the info.

  6. #56
    Renold Guest
    Question: are you trying to fix this to try do a hybrid version in the future when we'll get the English release or just to be able to play it with gummis instead of gels and proper translation for skill names and that's it?

    I don't understand all this effort now. Enlighten me.

  7. #57
    mamu Guest
    the text files are more different than i first thought. there are not one, but two pointers for each text.

    edit: nevermind, i just looked over a value

  8. #58
    arktos Guest
    ok, here you go. i have packed madedit, but you can also find it easy on net. it is free license

    it works portable from any folder and shiftjis encoding is set as default

  9. #59
    Oxinar Guest
    Hey mamu about this talk of texts and pointers, That means you are working on a offset editor?

  10. #60
    mamu Guest
    the offsets are just telling the game wher is the text. an sdb file is a collection of key (like STR_BTL_AUTO_ITEM_EXPLAIN) and text (the actual description) pairs. one offset points to the key and one to the text. there is no need to edit them manually, the editor will build the offset table automatically.

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