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    Is 1.01 just BETA1 with the 1.01 patch posted earlier in the thread? Or does it have more fixes?

    I guess I'll download it anyway but kinda curious.

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    1.01 is a patched BETA1

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    I'm new here and i was checking the top from the begning but i still can't download the TOX undub beta by SS.

    The links i found are dead and i couldn't download it by torrent either. Could anyone post a link for the game beta undub?

    Thanks for the hark work.

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    Just use search. There's a few links around.

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    Okay, thanks.

    I'll look it up.

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    Thanks leghari80 but already have the game haha

    This will help others though

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    is there any tool for creating my own undub using JP and English version like Graces F?

    and i know this isn't the right thread, but anyone have tools to translate/edit Tales of Vesperia in-game dialog text? while i can't translate Japanese to English but maybe i can work from X360 version to PS3 one


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    Does anyone have problem with Xillia DLC link ? It always said wrong password when I tried to dl.

    Also the new DLC link is gone, it show error 404 to me.

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    there is a translation project for Vesperia. apparently someone already did the XBOX360 to PS3 patch but vesperia on PS3 has extra stuff (I only heard about it, never seen the patch).

    although there is a few problems with the translation project, it is almost done, but still taking too long to get to 100%. and they're using something called R3voloution and claim their translation will need the original Japanese version BD to work.

    for now just wait for the 100% translation while playing Xillia. good news is Xillia 2 is also getting an ENG release. so there is still more tales goodies to be had on PS3.

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