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  1. #551
    maxiusagi Guest
    pfft... the file is no longer exist.. i'm too late..

  2. #552
    lemonadess Guest
    Can someone provide mirror link for patch 1.01? Thank you.

  3. #553
    bamboo31 Guest
    Well, somebody reported my upload of the game on MEGA and it got taken down. Boo.

    Here you go. It's just the patch though. If I reupload the game : "accounts found to be repeat infringers are subject to termination." So... Sorry


    Apparently somebody didn't like me hosting the game on MEGA.

  4. #554
    Abriel Guest
    yep i fully re-install data and after patching reinstall full game itself

  5. #555
    Nogitsune Guest
    its all over the place now, though searching the sites renowned for ps3 game upload is faster.

  6. #556
    Lando43 Guest
    Can someone upload only FILEHEADER.TOFHDB.debug from UNDUB BETA1 version? I messed up something and don't have backup, it's only 40MB.

  7. #557
    Majin3 Guest
    Only the Japanese version contains this file and it's not needed to run the game.

  8. #558
    tjexp Guest
    Ah no worries then.

    Quote Originally Posted by lemonadess View Post
    Can someone provide mirror link for patch 1.01? Thank you.

  9. #559
    Lando43 Guest
    oh I see, I thought I deleted it because 1.01 patch was giving missing file error, looks like it needed the png pic files to be there to work instead. my mistake.

    ok, can someone give me MD5 hash of the two files after 1.01 patch? FILEHEADER.TOFHDB and TLFILE.TLDAT thanks

  10. #560
    Majin3 Guest
    fileheader.tofhdb: 850953ed1884e68c741bd793a16cb032
    tlfile.tldat: C295df23a5bd3d31d5a6c05283ef3dbb

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