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Thread: Fixing Tales of Xillia for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    Majin3 Guest
    I have no idea about changing DLC region but I guess it's not that simple.

    For changing save game region, create a new save on the EU version, then browse to the savegame folder in your profile using FTP, find both regions and copy all files from your US save to the EU folder. Keep in mind that the game may delete the save data right after you loaded it (re-save after you load) or rename the save game folder to indicate it's broken before you even reach the load screen (try a different save?; the game will load with no audio in that case).

    This is just from my JP->EU porting so it could be different for EU<>US. There could also be a "cleaner" solution but it works.

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    Einishi Guest
    Did you change the folder name too in hdd0/games to blus too?? I usually change folder and param dlcs to work in other version. Bye

    i think it was "game" not games and i do it with multiman

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    Oppai Dragon Guest
    can someone please explain to me how to "patch" TOX? I downloaded the torrent from waha and not sure how to "patch" it before replacing files or whatnot

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    manywelps Guest
    Yes, that didn't work at all, I used TrueAncestor's to create a new pkg and then install it and it shows up correctly both in multiman explorer and the XMB Game Data.

    I'll just do Einishi's method if I can't get this working shortly.

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    tjexp Guest
    Move the patch exe into /BLES01815-[Tales of Xillia UNDUB]/ where you can see the PS3_GAME folder and run it. It may take awhile

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    ShiniShini Guest
    Hey guys.

    I just bought the Euro/UK version a couple days ago and you can obviously guess why I'm here. I saw Kenshindono's post about the how to patch the game WIP, so would you recommend that I wait until it's 100% before I even think of attempting this?

    Seeing this is gunna be the first game I'll be patching and i'm a huge noob on things like these. Feel free to tell me if i've said something someone's already said, I found this a couple hours ago.

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    geniuschen Guest
    Which version are you using? US version or the undub? Undub is based on eur version so I suppose you use us version.

    Make sure the content ID is right. BTW, you know how to check whether dlc works right?

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    Oppai Dragon Guest
    I don't have a patch.exe I just have the 6gb PS3_GAME and a PS3_DISC.SFB

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    geniuschen Guest
    First of all are you on OFW or CFW? This only works on CFW

    Second, there is no tutorial now at all you have to download the undub version yourself.

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    tjexp Guest
    Anything new? (sorry should have asked in previous question)

    Quote Originally Posted by manywelps View Post
    My save file is BLUS, I tried changing the DLC pack (BLES) to BLUS by changing the param.sfo and the contentID, but it didn't work. Did I miss something obvious? (Or should I just change the region of my save file (and how?)
    Try this:

    Its the BLUS DLC kirkyeehee converted

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