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Thread: Fixing Tales of Xillia for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    Majin3 Guest
    1.0 had some "leftovers" from the beta left. 1.01 is closer to the official release and could improve loading times in some situations.

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    Regretto Guest
    Oh... I thought.. Sorry i'm not familiar with the abbreviation..

    Then, i already done all of that,maybe it really the files. now i'm repatching with the fresh files and gonna check it again.


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    geniuschen Guest
    Is there any patch or we have to download again?...

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    Majin3 Guest

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    Regretto Guest
    It is fine to patch over the previous patch 1.0?

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    geniuschen Guest
    Thanks for the link. Can I apply it on 1.0 version? Or I have to run it on beta1 version?

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    Majin3 Guest
    The patch above works for both, BETA1 and 1.0.

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    tjexp Guest
    So is this the same as the patch on the previous page? (the one i re-uploaded)

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    Majin3 Guest
    No, this is the newer 1.01 patch.

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    manywelps Guest
    My save file is BLUS, I tried changing the DLC pack (BLES) to BLUS by changing the param.sfo and the contentID, but it didn't work. Did I miss something obvious? (Or should I just change the region of my save file (and how?)

    I have aldo's tools and all the other good stuff.

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