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    Jul 2013
    Hmm... I extracted the game from the internal HDD into my USB to check crc's and it somehow failed. This smells like multiman issues, maybe it doesn't load well... Dunno. I'll try Iris Manager.

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    Jan 2013
    I can confirm it works fine for me with DLC.. it runs disc-less from external too. Just a slow start up but that's all

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeFlavored View Post
    That could be it. Installed the DLC pack at the same time as the SS undub. Though I also noticed when I enter a battle with a new type of enemy I haven't fought in a while it will usually hang for a few seconds with the big X on the screen, presumably to load whatever assets it needs, and then subsequent encounters will start right away after that.

    Not sure if that was always happening or not, may just be I started paying more attention because of the long delay I noticed starting up.
    I can confirm that this issue exists in the original Japanese version as well.

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    So, is fixing the DLC pack to show costume/attachment names in English still something that's being looked at? Or is the project pretty much done at this point? Just wondering, thanks.

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    Jun 2013
    It's being looked at. The names can be fixed just fine, it's just cumbersome so I guess it'll take a while.

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    Okay, nvm my problem, it was just that the usb was faulty

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    By any chance do you have the Tales of Graces F UNDUB Project - FINAL VERSION. The links and torrents are all dead. I want to be able to play all the Japanese DLC.

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    it also happens on the untouched EUR release wich i've been playing till i get SS release.. btw is the Mega link release of the game working properly? i'm downloading that one to check it out since torrenting kills me

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    I downloaded the from that mega's link so i can tell you that is working properly.


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    guys im using ss undub version and im on rebug 4.46.1.lite but when i installed the dlc it didnt showed anywhere can someone tell me where to look for the dlc in this game?

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