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Thread: Fixing Tales of Xillia for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    mamu Guest
    right now all files are required for repacking, but i intend to make an 'insert new files only' mode in the next version. you can leave the -txt and -f parameters, and can use only '-m e' for extracting or '-m r' for repacking. the extracting bug was fixed in toxpack.

    i added a few repacking options. if a file has different size than the original, the repacker fixes the header file. but if it is the same, there is no need to touch the values, and because repacking can take long time, i added the option to repack the header and data file separately (and it was easier to test the program this way).

    when you copy the files to ps3, you actually don't have to do anything in the original game folder. the game always uses the install data, so you only have to replace those files. this also means that the game will work from original disc too.

    Oxinar: the file will not work, because the starting offset of the texts are stored. i will make an editor for it, but you're working fast

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    Oxinar Guest
    Thanks mate, an editor to fix the offset would be wonderful, because then we could translate the texts and 100% without abbreviations.

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    Kenshindono Guest
    Great job. I was off to a meeting this afternoon to check on something and come back with such great news. But I'am still looking for an hex editor... Oxinar, could you please make me a little pack with the tools you are actually working with for the translation. I might have a friend that can do some work too and help you on this process. I just hope he's not too busy with work.

    I might need to make him work during night in that case . But I seriously need to provide him the tools and the files to translate. The easier the merrier for me and him. And once he has done his work I'll send the files to you Oxinar via pm to do a quality check or to Mamu.

    I'll also have to wait for the editor from mamu for fixing the offset for the translation work. Hope that the process will not have too much limitation. Since we play with offset. I hope this will not disrupt/affect the game structure on txt files or on the display when we change those values or invert the process back on the repacking... I think we might have to check every sentences once it's repacked... Oxinar I'll also need to know what are the "priority files" you would like to see translated first (at the start of the game would be better than at the end).

    On another topic Mamu, the localized version will come next year "2013" maybe/probably & sadly at the end of next year... In my opinion the japanese EBOOT is great when you only need to do a translation or swap/switch "text files" from the JP version with those from the US. But if we use the US or Euro version of the EBOOT (that still need to be decrypted first), of course we will have all the text languages of the version but the files that we will need to swap/switch would be the english "audio files" with the japanese ones to create the UNDUB work and they probably have their own headers values.

    Could you please tell me (since I'm curious ) if you are preparing a method or a process to check if this method works fine? For example by switching between two audio files and see the result on the game. Of course the character will say something from another sentence but at least this would permit to check if the audio could be replaced without problem. This would be great to be prepared for this too since you have now sorted all the audio files. I hope "N a m c o - B a n d a i" will not disrupt too much the order of the files onto their localized version.

    Thanks all of you for your effort and I hope many other people in there could help on this work too.

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    Oxinar Guest
    Here mate, I always use this editor WinHex 16.6

    Has a txt with some serials, but they are all under my name, but try to activate it. as the translation, I like to translate the items first, but translate what you think is good to you. to see the texts in the program do the following.

    open the program, go to VIEW, Character Set, Code page... and change to unicode UTF-8
    Any questions or problems with the program just ask me.

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    mamu Guest
    don't worry, it will be done as soon as i have time to finish it. it is nearly the same as graces' scs files, so i just have to correct ScsEdit (and fix the bugz). offsets in this case are only for telling the game where a text starts inside the file. the only limitation is the size of the dialog box

    i don't think there will be problems with audio files. they don't contain game related info, and without playing the files i'm not sure in which files are they talking. there are about 2400 sound archives and most of them contain more than one files. but there is an extractor for it i think.

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    Kenshindono Guest
    Thanks Oxinar! This version works good. Displaying japanese and not chinese! But i don't know if I'am doing something bad the japanese text is lying/laying... (like lying in bed verb laid) see the pics bellow... I don't know if I need to install something else or it's normal in hex editor... I'am confused. Might need Windows 7 japanese interface but I think this would not change anything in the Winhex apps so... Could you tell me if it do the same for you? Also when I try to copy the text and paste it doesn't work (with the display option too Alt+shift+C or normal). Seriously I'am using too much of my time on stupid things.

    Mamu: Thanks for your reply and for your optimism. I'am the kind of guy that worry for everything and also too much curious lol. Glad to know that the audio files don't contain game related info.

    There are about 2400 sound archives and most of them contain more than one files o.O' I seriously hope that they will be sorted the same way on the localized version.

    Update: Method found: Save as txt and then do the change... It's stupid but it works fine. Of course copy paste will works fine too.
    But it would be better to have the good display for japanese character without having to convert each file to txt.

    Found the japanese wiki ( for Xillia. Here is both version japanese and approximatively translated by systran wiki That could help a little for item and many other stuff: 81d1b9a7944c38f--6d095524-139748bb74a-30af&systranuid=aHR0cC10b3h3aWtpLmNvbS8vamFfZW4%3D

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    Oxinar Guest
    to me it's the same texts are lying, since I found an option to make the text in the normal way just do not remember what was this option.
    to translate, you do not need to save the text in txt, see in the left corner of the image you Attached. its writing in green [Read-only mode] with the mouse, right click on it and choose... an pop up will appears with three options, choose Default Edit Mode (=editable).

    with it you can translate directly into file without having to export the text in a txt file. I hope this has helped you.

    My first uncompressed TLZC translated text. This is the translation of some accessories, Maybe I edit something in the future, but for now this is a good translation. But I have not tested it yet, I hope one of you test and tell me if it's alright, I just got back from college and I am very tired, but test and tell me if it worked properly.

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    Kenshindono Guest


    Thanks for the info Oxinar I have used a previous version of Winhex before and I knew about the editable option to modify the file but many don't know this and this is profitable for everyone to write it in there. Thanks again. What I would really want to know is to make the japanese text the normal way. If one day you are able to find this option again, it will be great to tell me. For the moment I'am gonna use the txt method. I'll look for it again this sunday once i'm done with work.

    I'll check your file too this week end to see if the accessories works well. I also want to check your 4 others files translated but like Mamu said they need the correction tool for the offset. So It's probably the same with this one. Hope that we'll be able to test everything together.

    Oxinar could you please, (when you have time and with full power) group them in one pack with folders name each time you post your great work? It better than looking previous post to know what's it's translated. That would also permit to know what is the latest version of the pack to use for testing the translation

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    Oxinar Guest
    These 4 files are translated and not contains offset errors are ready to be tested. Two of them have been tested by mamu, Usables Items and Value Items. Here has: Grade Shop - Usables Items - Value Items - Accessories

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    niwakun Guest
    Everyone should translate the tactics skill and artes menu, so atleast they can play it intelligently. specially that some of the skill like Tipo Leech is only usable by AI's.

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