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Thread: Fixing Tales of Xillia for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    OrangeFlavored Guest
    Anyone notice loading times much longer on SS version? I did notice the filesize was smaller so maybe he compressed it or something? Definitely didn't seem to take so long starting the game before switching though.

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    Karrion Guest
    Anyway, 6.24 Gbs of size and the HDD light stops once it reaches the white screen.

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    geniuschen Guest
    Not really. I felt the same for starting the game. I did notice a little bit lag every time I start a battle or open the menu (like orb) after changing the scene (i.e. after loading). I dont know whether it is my own problem.

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    LioMajor Guest
    Slow loading time? Noticed that only with installed DLC (still seems not to work for me).

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    geniuschen Guest

    1) try to delete everything,copy and install again. If you installed dlc also delete it.
    2) if the above doesn't work try external if you are now using internal hard drive and vice versa.
    3) if 1) 2)dont work. try to fix permission?

    That's all I can think of. you can also try restore default settings if you like... BTW, what is your CFW and mm version?did you have disc in your ps3?

    That is true because the system needs to check the dlc when starting the game. the dlc worked perfect for me.

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    nullstone Guest
    Thanks for making this, means a lot.

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    Karrion Guest
    yes, and right now i have MM 4.46 and rogero 4.46 1.01

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    OrangeFlavored Guest
    That could be it. Installed the DLC pack at the same time as the SS undub. Though I also noticed when I enter a battle with a new type of enemy I haven't fought in a while it will usually hang for a few seconds with the big X on the screen, presumably to load whatever assets it needs, and then subsequent encounters will start right away after that.

    Not sure if that was always happening or not, may just be I started paying more attention because of the long delay I noticed starting up.

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    LioMajor Guest
    If your Problem is HDD related, restoring system defaults and re-generating index via recovery menu could fix it.

    Maybe you HDD is broken, for test, you can swap it with another HDD.

    Remove BDVD and plugin your usb-stick with your used cfw to format it. Install MM and the game and try again.

    PS: How do i notice that the DLC works?

    I started a new game, did a quick play until hamil, nothing, no clue.

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    geniuschen Guest
    That lag happens to me also no matter which version. I don't know whether this also happens to guys who play with ofw.

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