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  1. #461
    silvver Guest
    keridian yes, they are fixed.

    You choose which DLC to activate by ingame menu (Items -> DLC tab), just like it Tales of Graces F. Like stated above, just don't activate empty boxes DLC and you won't get any lvlups or gald.

  2. #462
    rubenz Guest
    Thank you for your hard work to fix DLC, btw I wanna ask a question, I already dl-ed the EUR version ( I also have the JP version), so to play it undub I need to dl the entire game again that is released by SS?

  3. #463
    tjexp Guest
    For people with 3.55 problems, have you tried deleting the PS3_UPDATE folder? Its there on the original Europe upload. Not exactly sure if this would work but nothing to lose

  4. #464
    Karrion Guest
    SS's release gives me a white screen just after Namco's logo appears

    I have Rogero 4.41 v1.00 and MultiMan 4.40

    Is that normal?

  5. #465
    niwakun Guest
    try running the game with BD Disc, not on app_home

  6. #466
    cbro Guest
    I downloaded SS UNDUB release from TPB and encountered a problem. After starting the new game and selecting character to play, all further dialogs become completly in english instead of jap voices! But first CG movie still has UNDUB voices.

    What's wrong with this game? I'm currently on Rebug 4.41 REX with MM 4.46, game runs from ext hdd. I tried to switch PS3 system language to some EUR lang, but that not helped at all.

  7. #467
    maxiusagi Guest
    do you need to use ReactPSN or whatever to install the DLC?

  8. #468
    LioMajor Guest
    Here is my Savegame for New Game+

    You can spend 2700+ Rank Points to benefit from my ~35h game.


    Either your CFW supports other ID Savegames or you consider to resign it as your own.

    PARAM.SFO was edited by me and ID removed!

    Have Fun!

  9. #469
    tjexp Guest
    Does the game make you install any data? You could have the data from the English version, try deleting it

  10. #470
    Karrion Guest
    don't know how to do that

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