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Thread: Fixing Tales of Xillia for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    silvver Guest
    Kenshindono, mamu and the rest were working on the undub, when suddenly a wild BETA1 undub from SS appears. And it works. So there really wasn't any reason to make a second undub (althought i dobut anyone played the whole content of ToX BETA1 undub yet to be 100% sure, it would take aprx 70h+).

    The only issue now is the DLC, it's working but not showing names.

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    keridian Guest
    Now I see! So I can just "safely" download BETA1 version and use the DLCs. Thank you.

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    testsubject909 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by silvver View Post
    why you need usa based undub? It works fine with EUR and ps3 is regionless
    i'd like to have the same region for my games.

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    vashin Guest
    for the 3.55 users the dlc still can't execute because it's asking for a upgrade to 4.41 some idea for fix it? and please don't say upgrade it...

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    silvver Guest
    As stated here, the only problem with DLC is not showing the names.

    And I also recommend not to activate the "empty box" DLCs, because with them you can get lvl 40 and 600k gald at the very beginning, which completly ruins the fun from the game (what's the point of plaing with OP characters from the start? )

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    Abriel Guest
    i've installed dlc on undab beta 1 and i see empty boxes without any letters.

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    keridian Guest
    Sorry for being rude, but it's just your paranoia Go for what we have!

    You beg us to don't say "upgrade your CFW", this applies vica-versa. I beg you, don't say you're still on 3.55. 3.55 people just gives more work for the scene. Anyway, you still can't use it. You need to upgrade to a higher CFW. (I'm on 4.30 rebug CFW, and if DLC doesn't work, I happily go to 4.46.1 REX rebug CFW)

    Quote Originally Posted by Abriel View Post
    i've installed dlc on undab beta 1 and i see empty boxes without any letters.
    That is perfectly normal at the moment. As stated, every DLC should work fine, only bug is that you can't see any letter (I assume those letters would be japanese kanji anyway). When you select a DLC, a box appears with an icon, showing it's a costume or attachment DLC. If there's no icon == gald or level-up DLC. Hope that helped a little

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    Abriel Guest
    but undub work perfectly i just continue game after instal it, and kill dub version. Thanx for such good work. But 1st time when i quit it crush my console but after restart it works fine.

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    keridian Guest
    Also if the only issues now is the letters, than I assume the victory sounds problem from earlier is now fixed, right? Would be fantastic news I'm not gonna lie: I'm hyped as heck

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    shinintendo Guest
    Is there a way to not install all dlc? I feel that it's too much like cheating and want only the costumes dlc

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