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    The (SS) release posted some pages before should work i'm playing the untouched EUR release with that CFW 15 horus playing so far and it woprks perfectly, since the (SS) release has the EUR xillia as base it should work even with the DLC but that's not this team release i assume, so far kenshindono has posted the updated tools to undub xillia yourself also the the DLC is allround...

    I guess we should wait for a detailed method explaining how to do the process as mamu did with their previous work, or you can dig allround the whole thread to see the detailed info, that's what i'm assuming from kenshindono post anyway

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    Aug 2013

    works on Rogero 4.46 v1.01

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    Will somebody special create an undub for the USA version ?

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    Why you need usa based undub? It works fine with EUR and ps3 is regionless

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    Aug 2013
    the dlc don't work in 3.55 is asking for 4.11 upgrade any solution for fix it?

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    Yes, update to CFW 4.41 or above

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    Aug 2013
    Funny answer read the thread of this post say 4.41 or 3.55? lol

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    It says 3.55 as for GAME not for DLC.

    My friend, there is hardly any reason to stay at 3.55, just update if you want the DLCs

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    Can somebody tell me how to make the undub version? I have both JPN and EUR version. I just need the procedure onto how to integrate the files.

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    Some explanation would be appreciated, 'cause you forget to tell us what files we need to replace. There's no summary regarding this

    Also now what? SS version is the only UNDUB so far, or Kenshindono and others made their own version based on SS version... or there's two completely different UNDUBs now? Confused

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