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  1. #421
    manywelps Guest
    That link was disabled.

    use http://jheberg.net/captcha/dlc-tox-work-in-progress-2/

  2. #422
    slim1995 Guest

    does anyone know were i can found the dlc pack for tales of xillia jap version ??? (not the one modded for eur version)

  3. #423
    Lusanagi Guest
    haven't really tested even the original EU version, but it should have spanish subs (don't know about spanish dub, but i think neither Tales of games have had spanish dub), so the SS should also have it since EU is the base.

  4. #424
    rexen92 Guest
    wow finally its done.. you guys are awesome.. thank you guys.. gonna try it..

  5. #425
    Kenshindono Guest

    Thumbs Up Thanks

    Thanks for this Wild,


    Glad that we got again A tales of Undub on PS3. Thanks to Mamu, Somebody Special & everyone's here on PS3news.

    This Undub is now complete with DLC working but probably others will come; Next might be Tales of Xillia 2 or another games. I'll ask mamu if we can do an Undub dedicated thread for this kind of project.

    Well here is a little gift to conclude for your PS3 for those who missed it. This will permit to give a little more of Xillia to your PS3 while you play the complete Undubbed Game.

    PW: kenshindono

    Let's meet again for new project here, on the irc channel or anywhere else.


  6. #426
    daemonia Guest
    Sorry for asking, but can someone list the files that needed to be replaced from the EU version? It's hard to redownload the full undubbed version with my slow internet connection.

  7. #427
    kaktusimut Guest
    Could anyone kindly summarize the steps needed for undubbing tox? Or is it already posted somewhere in this thread?

    Thank you in advance.

  8. #428
    Ragnyaa Guest
    Can someone repack the Modded EUR DLC to work with the US (BLUS31006) version of the game?

  9. #429
    apexcore Guest


    Is the Tales_Of_Xillia_UNDUB_BETA1_READNFO_PS3 your release? Or is this an older beta release? Thanks.

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  10. #430
    Lando43 Guest
    yes, that's it. It works now and with all the DLC. get it.

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