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  1. #401
    bamboo31 Guest
    No problem then. I will upload it and share the link here when I have it.

    Torrents are so slow, even with a 200mb/s download...

  2. #402
    Nogitsune Guest
    if someone only uploads the files necessary for undub on something like putlocker it would be wonderful. for those with slow speed (like me), getting the whole game again is quite hard.

  3. #403
    Montelly Guest
    What exactly is included in the dlc .pkg? Is it just costumes, gold, and levels?

  4. #404
    vashin Guest
    Some Noobish question someone please answer: the undub beta version that apear have spanish text? and what means when they are saying its broken? it's only the victory sound or something more like the savedatas or crashing or something like that?

  5. #405
    Nogitsune Guest
    just got my msg eaten, asking if someone could upload only the parts necessary for undub not the whole game

    in the end, it would be better if we could undub it ourselves with both version at hand like Graces. I feel much more in control =/, but oh well, anything that makes it work

    anyway thanks everyone

  6. #406
    sudo2k7 Guest
    >spanish text

    Where'd you hear that? If that happens for you, check your console language settings, that's probably the cause.


    Victory Sounds/Music apparently don't play if you install the dlc.pkg, otherwise it works fine. Mamu and some other good men are currently working to fix that though, will be done when it's done. Otherwise it seems to work fine, no other issues reported so far. Afaik no one actually finished the game with that undub yet though, so it's not sure either whether everything actually works as it should, but it's assumed it will currently.

  7. #407
    bamboo31 Guest
    Here is the link for somebody special's undub: https://mega.co.nz/#!TENzyJ4Z!EXfFJT...r2Aq5yHCCe3DaU

    Edit: if you have the game installed on your DD you need to erase the gamedata as you need to reinstall the undub data.

    Well.. it seems to be hanging at 100% data install. Maybe I missed something. The data does seem to be 800-900mb smaller so there may be something you have to do before installing ?

  8. #408
    sudo2k7 Guest
    Did you try restarting your PS3 and starting up the game? Maybe just some random bug but the files are installed nevertheless and maybe work fine.

  9. #409
    bamboo31 Guest
    Nah I tried that.. it just hangs when starting the game.

  10. #410
    vashin Guest
    thx so much for answer me and about spanish... i'm a spanish guy so I want spanish text just that

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