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Thread: Fixing Tales of Xillia for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    shinintendo Guest
    Sure I know you're working on it along side, that's why I wrote "focus" on it instead of focusing on undubbing, which was already accomplished.

    Correct me if I'm wrong you still seems to work on undubbing it, which consume unnecessary resources.

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    Wildbreed Guest
    We are working on the dlc's we have figured out the possible cause of what is causing the dlc to make the victory sound loss..We are trying to find the solution for it..

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    sudo2k7 Guest
    So is there already a working way with mamu's tool to create a working undub now? Would it be possible to write a quick tutorial for it, or do you want to finish working on the DLC first? No mean to rush you, I highly appreciate the effort and time you guys are spending on this, jus asking.

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    shinintendo Guest
    Can't you just download it via torrent?

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    mamu Guest
    Another update, now supports nonsequential TLDAT.

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    sudo2k7 Guest
    Torrenting isn't an option for many of us sadly. But I apologize, I didn't want to annoy you, I was just curious. I'll be quiet now.

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    Yeloazndevil Guest
    I did test it but one person testing it doesn't mean no bugs exist I just never encountered any

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    bamboo31 Guest
    I am downloading somebody special's undub at the moment. If anyone is interested I will upload it to MEGA since I have a 50mb/s upload it won't be too long.

    Edit: download should be done in +/- 1 hour. Damn torrents.

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    sudo2k7 Guest
    I would so much appreciate that. Had an eye all day to see if anyone reuploaded it already, but no luck at all. You would seriously make my day.

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    Lando43 Guest
    I would like it on MEGA too, best hosting around. thank you

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