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    mamu Guest
    here is the extractor/repacker tool, be sure to read the help section.

    also there was a little bug in the previous version. i thought there are only max. 6 letter extensions, but then i found some 7-letter ones too, so you should extract the files again.

    note that some files are compressed, in this case the game needs to know how big it is uncompressed (although i haven't tested what happens if this value is wrong). for this, when you're repacking, there are special rules for compressed files:

    - if the extracted size is the same as the original in the archive, the program assumes it was not modified
    - if the extracted size is the different than the original in the archive, the program assumes it was modified and was not recompressed

    Oxinar, the value items work great, but i haven't found location texts. i'm at the very beginning of the game (i don't really want to progress very far without following the story). since there are descriptions, i guess these might be for the world map.

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    Kenshindono Guest
    Great works Mamu! Thanks. I'am redoing all the process from the begining with this tools.

    I might have a little prob to understand your second note, so I prefer to ask:

    Quote Originally Posted by mamu View Post
    - if the extracted size is the different than the original in the archive, the program assumes it was modified and was not recompressed
    If the "compressed files" extracted are modified and then repacked and the size is different from the original size in the archive, the program will know that those files are modified and will recompresse them?
    Or the program will know that those files are modified and ignore them?
    Or the program will check between the two versions, "original" and "modified" and repack only those that were modified?

    Or maybe something else?

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    mamu Guest
    the program will not compress the files, just put them back to the archive. what i wanted to say is that if you uncompress (un-TLZC) a file then modify it, you don't need to compress it back.
    for example, lets say a file's (uncompressed) size is 2000 (bytes), its compressed size is 1000 and after you have modified your file it becomes 3000 bytes.
    first the repacker compares the 'filesize' and 'compressedsize' in the header (2000 =/= 1000 -> this must be compressed).
    if the file should be compressed, it checks if 'compressedsize' equals your file's size (1000 =/= 3000 -> this is not the original file).
    if the repacker thinks the file was modified, it also assumes that the file was not recompressed (is there even a TLZC recompressor?), and it corrects the header values (modifies 1000 to 3000 and 2000 to 3000).

    in short, if you have uncompressed a file, you dont need to compress it back.

    also feel free to ask if something's not clear.

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    Kenshindono Guest


    Thanks for your reply Mamu. Thanks this time it was really clear. The files will be put back with the modification we have done and the value will be corrected by the repacker in the header once it has found modified files by checking the size value of both original and modified. That's what i wanted to know. Now we can do change and test without worrying about the size.

    Also a little thing: the help provide examples with the name "tox_extract" for the apps and not "toxpack". A minor change will be needed

    Thanks again for all your hard work and your reply.

    Edit: Everything worked fine thanks Mamu

    Something bothering me with my Hex editor. I use ultra edit & despite setting up the font in japanese and setting the UTF8 code page, each time i try to edit a file in japanese, it show me the text in chinese... Grrr. and worse when i select the chinese text and do a right click > find. The find box display the good japanese character...-_-' I might really need to change this editor... What editor are you using guys please? Really this one starting to make me mad...

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    Oxinar Guest
    Hey mate, what command you are using to extract the things, could teach me because at the time of the repack give me a error saying missing file 0000000CH something.

    Well, I could not extract the files correctly, always says that there is a missing files. I have translating the Grade Shop maybe change some things in the future, and translating the names of materials items, but in this case I increased the file to about 20/26 bytes for each explanation of the materials but as I could not do the repack, someone could see if it will work or whether it will give any problem because I have increased the size of the file.


    And mamu, you did another extractor to extract the files correctly? if yes, could you post for me.

  6. #36
    Kenshindono Guest

    Big Grin

    I'm extracting all the files again and will test with your modified files since the beginning and see the result. The 0000000.CHRDAT happened to me yesterday at night too when i tried to repack using only partial files extracted. The program require probably all the files to be extracted to do the check and repack them.

    Also if I'm not wrong we doesn't need the -txt flag when repacking since it was made only for extracting the header. I'll test and report back the command I used this afternoon.

    Update: Ok here is the method. The tool from Mamu works greatly :

    1. First extract all the file and the header using this command
    HDD:\Tales of Xillia FIX Translation-UNDUB Project>toxpack usrdir usrdir_fix -m e -txt (Y when prompt)

    Note that I'm using usdir_fix folder as target folder

    2. Then replace the original files extracted inside usrdir_fix by the modified one (thanks Oxinar)
    3. Then repack everything using this command HDD:\Tales of Xillia FIX Translation-UNDUB Project>toxpack usrdir usrdir_fix -m r (Y when prompt)
    4. You'll find by checking in the usrdir_fix the FILEHEADER_Repacked.TOFHDB and TLFILE_Repacked.TLDAT generated by the tool after the repacking.
    5. Rename the two files like the original and copy them in the USRDIR folder of the game & overwrite (keep your backup) and test the game with the modification.

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    kumikumi Guest
    This is looking good

  8. #38
    Oxinar Guest
    Yes, thank you, but unfortunately the material item did not work, the game works normally, but the names of the materials do not appear.
    I will investigate further and see if I can get around this.

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    shinintendo Guest
    Did you delete the previous data the ps3 installed?

  10. #40
    Oxinar Guest
    Yes, but this problem is because I increased the size of the file purposely.

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