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Thread: Fixing Tales of Xillia for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    OrangeFlavored Guest
    I only tested one, the first one I'd seen anyway right after installing the Somebody Special version of the undub. Voices were in Japanese. (Text was in English as it should be.) Just mentioning it because someone said earlier that voices for the etc skits were in English in the version with the 374 files removed for cutscene compatibility.

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    higher87 Guest
    main tpb is banned here, could bypass ban with dns, but still.. and etc only had english voices when we removed around 372 files or w/e it was, but yea those, some sub skits and even main skits lost jap sound and got english when you get further into the game, so if they work then good. i think i read some comment about someone saying he played the release by someone special fully without any problems, but not sure.

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    Wildbreed Guest
    Ok here is a quick update

    We are still working on the TOX Undub.. we are testing a new version of toxpack tool and mamu will upload it here soon.. since the version before was causing some minor issues..

    Also the UNDUB version that has been uploaded on torrent sites is Labeled BETA because its not Perfect..reason being as already mentioned

    1) Victory sounds disappear after adding the DLCs
    2) the Version has been tested to work properly 20h into the game after that it was not tested BUT it should work properly till the end without any issues. that being said its still not perfect so thats why its labeled as BETA...

    All the necessary things u need to complete the game with JPN voices and English subs are there in that version...

    as for the PROPER UNDUB we are still working on it....

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    niwakun Guest
    will wait for that patch, downloading the entire game data on torrents may get me in trouble here in my place.

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    Montelly Guest
    I assume the dlc pkg itself needs to be fixed, but if the main game needs to be changed as well will you upload the file(s) needed to update from Beta 1?

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    mamu Guest
    Here's the new toxpack, now it works correctly with compressed files too. This should fix the repacking issues.

    This doesn't fix the missing sound effects in the english version, but I tested it by adding the english SDB files to the japanese version and the game itself worked correctly.

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    leghari80 Guest
    downloading the beta version to start the game until our perfect undub version releases .something to occupy me just finished killer is dead

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    Wildbreed Guest
    as with regards to the BETA we are not sure.. However once we finish the undubbing properly we will release it here as a perfect undub version

    ok a quick update as far as the beta is concerned. The Beta works Properly and the Full game is playable with JAP voice and all Music and sounds with ENG Text

    Also the beta (now on referred as SS version) is the EU version and the 3.55 eboot fix should work on it.. the DLC causes the victory sound to break because the issue lies on the DLC end and not on the game end.

    edit: We are figuring out how to make the DLC work and we are still working on the UNDUB to better polish it...

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    shinintendo Guest
    Wildbreed if the undub works completely fine with his beta release shouldn't we focus on the little stuff that's left a.k.a the dlc?

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    Wildbreed Guest
    We are working on it have some patience it takes time..

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