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  1. #371
    waha Guest
    Yep, there's an undub for Xillia out by him.

  2. #372
    Yeloazndevil Guest
    I tested it for all the way through the end and I encountered no bugs. Tried it with the fixed JP DLC and the dlc costumes with music most of the time the victory music doesn't play at all.

  3. #373
    sudo2k7 Guest
    If someone sees somebody special's release upped on some decent OCH I'd appreciate it if you could share the link, torrenting games like this is highly risky in europe, especially germany.

  4. #374
    shinintendo Guest
    Well it will take around 6 hours till the download complete with the speed it's now 240 KB/s. but I hope the dlc will appear to make it truly complete

  5. #375
    OrangeFlavored Guest
    Somebody Special's release fixes the English skits?

  6. #376
    shinintendo Guest
    According to the nfo: "Movie, event, battle and skit voices are now in Japanese."

  7. #377
    Lando43 Guest
    somebody's special release is labeled BETA1, I guess it's not complete or tested yet.

  8. #378
    higher87 Guest
    doesn't seem like there is any place where you will get to dl it fast, but will test it whenever i get the chance to

  9. #379
    OrangeFlavored Guest
    I downloaded it pretty fast from TPB, gonna try it now.

    Were all etc scripts broken with our fix? Seem to be in Japanese in Somebody Special's, at least the first one I found. Also the music in Aladhi Seahaven is returned, wasn't working before.

  10. #380
    Montelly Guest
    Wait all the ect script dialogues are in jap instead of english?

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